How To Make Money With Wp Robot Plugin?

Make more money with wp robot pluginThere are many ways to leverage the power of the internet and make some money online, from selling t-shirts on eBay to selling your own digital products online, and making money with affiliate marketing. But the most single problem people face online is “Information overload”, there are tons of information everywhere and anyone can easily get confused and lost.

On this page, I will show you some ways on how to use Wp Robot plugin effectively to make some money online, if you don’t what Wp Robot is, you can simply read my full Wp Robot review. First of all, I’d like to clarify that I’m only sharing what has worked for me personally and I can’t guarantee that you will make money with this plugin, simply because our results will vary. I’m only sharing my strategy to help you get the most out of Wp Robot.

3 Ways To Effectively Make Money with Wp Robot:

Wp Robot is a simple auto-blogging plugin that can share content from many different sources on your blog automatically. It can also monetize your blog posts automatically with affiliate offers with affiliate programs ex: Amazon, eBay, Clickbank.. etc. But the question is can people really make some money using an auto-blogging plugin like Wp Robot?!.

The problem with auto-blogging tools is that the created content is usually low quality, not unique and has low or no value to the readers, also there is a chance that Google won’t index your site if it found to be all made of automated non-unique content, so many people believe that it’s hard to make money with auto-blogging, however with Wp Robot I can see that you have full control on your blogging, monetization, posting sources and frequency. Let me explain, I’ve found that there are 3 ways to effectively get the most out of Wp Robot:

1. Creating content

Don’t rely 100% on Wp Robot content!. Yes, you need to think outside of the box, You can cut your blogging efforts by 50%, Wp Robot has many useful content modules like Youtube, Yahoo answers, Flickr..etc. You can automatically post youtube videos and images with Wp robot but when it comes to articles try to post more unique articles, you can post some articles using Wp robot but don’t be lazy to rely 100% on Wp Robot PLR articles. Instead try to post at least one original article per week to your blog, Read how to get original articles written for you for as low as $1.5 here.

Wp Robot also allows you to edit the posting templates, so you can easily mix more than one or more modules together to create unique posting style for your blog, so try to use that feature to allow your blog posts to stand out. And remember not to post more than 2 articles per day, don’t go crazy with posting too much content in short period of time, your posting frequency needs to look natural or humanly posted, this will also help search engines better index your content.

Remember the more quality content your blog has, the better and the more money your blog will make in the long term.

2. Monetizing your Blog

Once you get the content part taken care of, you can easily monetize your blog using Wp Robot. You don’t have to create new posts just to promote an Amazon or Clickbank product, instead, try to mix up your content or create new categories for posting different types of content.

For example, you can use Wp Robot to create an article about the benefits of a certain health product, with a related Youtube video and an Amazon Buy link for that product.

Another example: If you have a health blog, You can create a new category named as ‘Health books’, and make Wp Robot post relevant affiliate products from Amazon to this category. So people will know that this category is for those who want to buy health books, and if they don’t want to buy they can simply move to another category on your blog to read more content or watch videos…etc.

Try to be creative when it comes to monetizing your blog with affiliate offers, don’t push too many ads or products. Try to deliver real value to your readers, as I mentioned in “creating content”, you need to be original if you want to make more money with your blogging. Your blog should focus on content and delivering value, and don’t worry money will come your way.

3. Selling Your Wp Robot Blogs

Yes, you can resell your Wp Robot blogs and it’s all legal. Wp Robot has a developer license which allows you to install it on as many sites as you want, then you can sell these sites to anyone with a copy of the full version of Wp Robot. Websites that include Wp Robot have to be sold for at least $129. This is one of the easiest ways to make money with the plugin by simply selling sites with Wp Robot installed.

So how it works? when you get Wp Robot developer license, you will be able to register a license for your clients so they will get all Wp Robot future updates and new versions. Once you register a new client, you will be able to use their data: Name and email address to install Wp Robot on the site with all modules and features as if they are buying Wp Robot Full Version from you. The only difference is that you are selling the website with Wp Robot installed, and you should expect to sell each site for at least $129.(You can’t resell the plugin itself)

I own Wp Robot developer license myself, and I’ve sold many sites on Flippa with Wp Robot installed as a bonus to my clients.

Here is a screenshot of my recent Wp Robot sites that I’ve sold:

Wp Robot Developer license

I have blurred my client’s data for privacy, but as you can see each site was sold for more than $129, and these were just simple blogs that were built using only one of the many Wp Robot modules. I didn’t put a lot of work into building these sites or content, the sites were all simply made on WordPress, all new with no generated revenue. The content was automated, no original content. I’ve made a total of $837 selling these 4 sites.

I’m not showing you that to brag. I’m only showing you that it’s possible to sell blogs with automated content, people love the automated stuff, and there are many people who look for this kind of sites. In fact, they are happy to pay for these sites because they know they will get (a domain name + site content + site theme + Wp Robot license which worth $129), so for them, it’s worth the investment.

In fact, I found Wp Robot to be a strong incentive to make people buy sites with a higher price.

How much Wp Robot Developer license cost?

Wp Robot Developer license normal price is $499, but I’m glad you found this page as I’ll help you get $270 off that price. You can get Wp Robot Developer license for only $229 => click this link and use the coupon code: [highlight]DEVSPECIAL[/highlight]

If you don’t want to resell your sites, you can get the Wp Robot full version for only $99 => click this link and use the coupon code: [highlight]wfspecial[/highlight]

Note: Focus on your blog content, then monetize it and when your blog starts making money you can keep it and continue working on it or you can resell it. When you own Wp Robot Dev. license, it will be easier for you to resell your sites, and you can make more money that way.

I hope you find this post helpful, Feel free to share it with your friends and Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

1 thought on “How To Make Money With Wp Robot Plugin?”

  1. Hi Andrew, thank´s for the information, it sure will help people starting out with wp robot.

    I used it years ago with not much money made so I stopped internet marketing altogether because of time but now I am back using it and low and behold it works better than before.

    The money is increasing daily, so I am back and love WP Robot, Why? I am lazy never get around to post my own content. With over 20 blogs running and getting good traffic in different niches I´m happy.

    Good days ahead


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