Magic Article Rewriter Review - How Good Compared to The Best Spinner?

Magic Article Rewriter Review – How Good Compared to The Best Spinner?

In my magic article rewriter review, I will reveal to you my experience using the magic article rewriter software, whether or not you should use it, and how good it is compared to the popular rewriting tool: the best spinner.

Magic Article Rewriter Alternatives

Update: Please note that Magic Article Rewriter software is outdated and no longer available! The best alternative is WordAI which uses the power of Artificial intelligence to rewrite your content effectively in one click. WordAI is one of my favorite AI rewriting tools. You can use it to rewrite articles or any piece of content. It generates high-quality output using AI, which is way better than the old method of switching synonyms used in the past by article writing software.

Another great alternative is Wordhero which has over 70 AI writing tools including an article rewriting tool. Both WordAI and Wordhero are web-based tools so you don’t have to worry about downloading any applications to your computer. Thanks to the latest AI technology, you can generate new variations of any content (rewrite content) easier and faster than ever.

What is Magic Article Rewriter?

magic article rewriter review

Magic Article Rewriter is an article rewriting software (by Alexander Krulik) that can turn one article into many article variations within a few minutes, the software can rewrite (spin) words, sentences, and whole phrases. It can also spin the anchor text and links inside the text, you can link to your main site or any other page (deep linking).

Magic Article Rewriter uses a large database of synonyms or tokens to help you rewrite almost any article on any topic. You can also add your own words, and synonyms to the software database to train the software to suit your writing style and to get better article variations.

The Idea Behind Using Magic Article Rewriter:

The whole idea of using any article rewriting tool like magic article rewriter is to create content and build backlinks. Or in other words, it’s useful for (Article marketing). Creating good content is one big issue for many bloggers, especially internet marketers. Many people don’t have writing skills, some don’t have time to write or money to hire writers and others just want a quick way to generate a piece of content to submit to article directories & online sites to build backlinks. (The old school of article marketing back in 2009, 2010..)

Whatever the case is, article rewriting tools have some benefits. Although I don’t recommend using rewritten content on the blog or website you’re trying to rank, using an article rewriting tool is good for content syndication and article marketing. It saves a lot of time and work.

The process of article creation and submission gets even better by using an article submitter to submit content to different sites and directories, this helps drive some links juice and traffic your way without having to kill yourself writing articles and submitting them manually.

I use the Article Marketing robot to submit the spun content automatically to many different sites, It has been online for many years and is yet one of the most powerful content submitters. Article marketing robot can work smoothly with any article rewriting tool because it supports nested spun content, so all you have to do is to copy and paste your spun content into the article marketing robot and it will automatically spin content and create a different article on each submission. If you’re looking to automate your article marketing, then it would be smart to use the article marketing robot along with the magic article rewriter.

Magic Article Rewriter (One-Click Rewrite Button):

One of the good features of Magic article rewriter is the ability to rewrite articles automatically with one click, instead of having to pick synonyms manually each time you rewrite an article, this way you can rewrite your articles a lot faster. It uses what’s called the “Magic tokens database” to find the best match words for your article, and with one click you can have 40% spun articles. Watch the Video to learn more:

Magic Article Rewriter Features:

  • Easily Rewrite articles
  • Full control over the article’s words, sentences, and grammar structure
  • Spin URLs and Anchor text in articles
  • Multi-level nested spinning
  • Add your own synonyms to the software database
  • Generates hundreds of unique versions of articles out of one article
  • Easy copy & paste the spun articles to your website or to any article software
  • Improved one-click rewrite tokens Support

How does Magic Article Rewriter work?

1) Open Magic article rewriter, and you have options to Copy and paste an article, Import an article, or write your own article.

magic article rewriter%20software

2) Open the synonyms box and select the words in your article that you want to rewrite or spin, you can add new words to replace the selected words, and you can also save any word to the software synonyms database for more future advanced articles rewriting.

3) Magic article rewriter has a large Synonyms database (over 30,000 words), to help you create unlimited variations of words and sentences. You can add a series of synonyms and easily extend them as much as you wish, then reuse them in all your other articles.

4) After you have selected some words, click the “Replace All button” to replace this word with your selected words in the whole article, so you don’t have to manually replace the same word more than once per article, that’s a huge time-saving.

mar synonyms

5) Change Whole sentences: Magic article rewriter is also able to exchange/rewrite the whole sentences within your article giving you Multi-level nested spinning, Highlighting any sentence, and adding a new sentence to replace it. Each sentence will be completely replaced automatically and randomly which is very powerful. Spinning different words within each different spun sentence means unlimited versions for your article.

6) That’s it, now set Magic Article Rewriter to either make one new version “Spun article” or use the “Mass Rewrite Articles option to save any quantity of the new spun articles to your computer.

The Best Spinner Vs. Magic Article Rewriter

Price: Magic article rewriter is a one-time payment of $47 while the best spinner is a yearly fee of $77.

Features: Both software have the required features to produce powerful new articles with few clicks, but the best spinner has more advanced features and a variety of rewriting tools.

Quality of Articles: the Magic article rewriter is a simple tool, and it’s more than enough for a regular user, the quality of the articles will depend on the synonyms you choose, and with time you can add your own synonyms to improve the output of the software to better suit your writing style. If you need more advanced rewriting features and more control over your articles, then I’d recommend you go for the best spinner.

My Conclusion:

I have used Magic Article Rewriter for a while and it has been a useful tool for me, I’ve created many good articles with it. Later, I switched to the best spinner not because magic article rewriter is bad, but because the best spinner has more features that magic article rewriter doesn’t have, for ex: the best spinner has a duplicate content checker, It also allows you to compare articles and detect the uniqueness ratio.

I’d say if you like the best spinner features and you don’t mind paying $77/year (which is still very affordable in my opinion) then get the best spinner. But if you prefer the one-time payment and you don’t care much about any extra features, then click here to get the magic article rewrite.

I hope you enjoyed reading this Magic Article Rewriter review.

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3 thoughts on “Magic Article Rewriter Review – How Good Compared to The Best Spinner?”

  1. I have to say the Best Spinner is by far the best spinning program I’ve ever used.
    It has so many great features that I just haven’t found elsewhere. I particularly like the ‘auto rewrite’ feature – it’s saved me days of writing copy!

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