Article Builder Honest Review - My Bad Experience!

Article Builder Honest Review – My Bad Experience!


In my Article Builder review, I will reveal to you my bad experience using Article Builder and why I don’t recommend buying it, especially if you are really looking for a way to create unique articles to improve your SEO and rank your website. First, let me show you what is Article Builder and how it works.

What is Article Builder All About?

Article Builder is a web-based application (by Jonathan Leger creator of the best spinner) that allows you to create an unlimited number of articles by pressing a few buttons. Article Builder generates articles using a large database of old-style Private Label Rights (PLR) articles and a built-in spinner. It uses snippets to build articles based on categories and subtopics of your choice.

Article Builder claims that it has tens of thousands of categorized snippets in the database, so every time you generate an article, it should be different or unique! Remember this big claim because I’m about to show you that it is not true.

Article Builder is also considered an auto-blogging tool as it can automatically post the generated articles to your blog according to a schedule, ex: once a day, twice a day, every five days…etc.

All sounds cool but…

Does Article Builder Really Create High quality & Unique content?

What do high-quality articles mean? on the Article Builder sales page, they say that you’ll be getting well-written, high-quality articles because their content will be generated by native English speakers from the USA, Canada, or the United Kingdom. This means that all PLR articles they have should be well-written, but that doesn’t mean that the generated articles will be high quality.

Let me explain; High quality doesn’t only mean that articles will have no grammar mistakes but it also means that articles should be well-written, well-organized, targeted to a specific subject, and most importantly should provide value to the readers. Articles created by Article Builder will be spun (rewritten) articles with random articles snippets which will result in articles with some generic random information depending on the category you choose inside Article Builder.

Here’s an example:

Imagine you have created an article on the “Quit Smoking” category using Article Builder, and the resulting article had the following:

  • Title” how to stop smoking?”.
  • 1st paragraph talks about E-cigarettes
  • 2nd paragraph talks about that 18.1% of American adults are current smokers
  • 3rd paragraph talks about smoking in Indonesia
  • 4th paragraph talks about Smoking and cancer

As a reader, do you think this kind of article is high quality?!

I bet you will be able to distinguish between an article written by a human and an article that was automatically generated by a tool like Article Builder.

What About Unique content?

You may already know that content is king, search engines love to index new content. By using Article Builder do NOT expect to generate unique content either! … Here’s why:

Simply, there is no limit on how many people use the Article Builder platform, therefore you will find the same exact phrases and sentences published across the web, and Google will never index that kind of content. Despite the fact that random snippets are put together to produce articles, you can expect to see the same exact articles already published and indexed by search engines.

Article builder claims that the articles produced will be at least 90% unique each time it spins the PLR content in the database but that is Not true …

I did a small test. I created many articles using Article Builder and started to search for duplicate content or any similar content on the web, then I discovered the shocking fact that the generated articles were Not unique, there were many duplicates and copies already published online. I even tried the highly spun articles feature in Article Builder which was supposed to create articles to pass Copyscape but that didn’t make big difference.

In fact, even if the Article Builder succeeded to fool Copyscape,  the articles generated aren’t 90% unique as claimed to be.

If you’ve heard people saying that they’ve created unique articles using Article Builder in the past, that could be true … At that time, it was possible when the Article Builder was first launched, as there were only a few people using the platform. But as new members started to join, Article Builder started to generate articles with the exact same phrases.

Should You Use

I’d say if you are looking for unique high-quality content for your blog, then this is not for you.

The only good thing about Article Builder is that it can create readable PLR articles fast, so think of it as a PLR articles generator. But you will not get unique articles out of it. You will still have to rewrite these articles either manually or by using an article rewriting software like the best spinner.

With that being said, I must say it would be better if you create your own content. You don’t have to write articles yourself, you can simply hire someone to write for you. It doesn’t need to be expensive as you may think. I’ll explain how I’m able to find skilled content writers for very affordable rates below. Another approach to is to use an AI (Artificial Intelligence) writing tool to assist with your content creation as I explain below. alternative

Nothing beats original human-written content. You can hire writers to write articles for you at a very affordable price on this site. However, if you want to use a writing assistant or if you like the idea of automated content, the best alternative to ArticleBuilder is an AI writer tool like WordHero. AI Writers can produce quality and unique content 90% of the time. Unlike PLR content, an AI writer uses artificial intelligence to do the content research for you and it can a unique piece of content each time you press the ‘Write’ button. But of course, you need to fact-check and review the AI-generated content.

Choosing a good AI writer is key to creating good content. It can be a huge time saver for content creators, not just for writing articles or blog posts, but for writing anything like sales scripts, social media posts, emails, stories, and so on.

Article Builder Vs. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Writer

How does Article Builder compare to an AI writing tool? AI writers are different since they don’t generate PLR content that often contains outdated or inaccurate information or even worse; duplicate content. An AI writer uses artificial intelligence to produce text that is indistinguishable from human-written text. AI writers are used for a variety of purposes, including content generation, data entry, and customer service. Some AI writers are also able to generate realistic dialogue and conversation. There are many use cases for AI writers and they can be a huge time saver for content creators.

If you want to content creation tool or writing assistant, I recommend that you check an AI writer tool like WordHero. It’s a much more effective approach compared to using Article Builder. Today, AI writers have taken over the old days of PLR content. AI writers are smart and can produce high-quality content.

How you can use the AI writer tool is totally up to you! Many writers use AI writing tools to assist with creating content, others use AI writing tools to help them generate content ideas or article outlines. You could even create a whole article with Artificial Intelligence if you wish, but I always recommend that you add your human touches, do a fact check, and make a few edits here and there to generate the final perfect article.

After using a handful of AI writers myself, I must say that AI writers are a huge time saver. There are many AI writers online and some of them are a little expensive. I recommend that you use WordHero. It is one of the new AI writers that I use and like. Also, it has great pricing compared to other AI writers. They had a one-time lifetime deal running, so if you are lucky at the time of reading this post, that special deal might be available. If not, WordHero’s monthly prices are worth it as they are cheaper than other tools and the content quality is great.

Article Builder Vs. Hiring a writer

At the time I’m writing this review, Article Builder is selling for $297/Year, and to make the content unique you’ll need the best spinner which is $77/year, that’s $31/Month or $7.7/week

If you ask me, I’d rather spend that money to get a couple of good articles written for me each month. You can hire a skilled writer to write 100% unique articles, this way you won’t have to worry about search engines or duplicate content. One of the best places to find writers at affordable rates is Online Jobs ph. I have used that site to find skilled writers in the Philipines. You can hire writers part-time, full-time, or per project. You have total control over how much you want to spend.

The best part about hiring Philipino writers is that 1) Their pay rates are way cheaper than hiring US writers, and 2) You don’t have to sacrifice the article quality for the price. Since English has always been one of the official languages of the Philippines and is spoken by more than 14 million Filipinos, it’s easy to find many skilled writers who won’t have trouble writing in English. Also, Filipinos are hard workers! they will do their best to follow your instructions based on my experience. They take their job seriously and they are willing to work long-term with you, unlike other one-time gig writers. This makes Filipino writers an ideal choice for small bloggers as well as large corporates who take their business seriously and want content written on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

Sign up for a free account on Online Jobs Ph and give it a try. You can subscribe only when you are ready to hire. I was able to find some skilled writers on that site and I’m pretty satisfied with their quality and the good price that I pay to my writers compared to other sites. But make sure you take your time to browse through workers’ profiles and use the filters to enhance your search. Just like any other job site, it takes some time to find the right candidate for your job.

Article Builder Review: Conclusion

In my opinion, Article Builder failed to provide unique articles as it claims, it is not your time or money, it can only generate PLR content. If you want to create unique content for your blog, Article Builder is not for you.

If you are looking for a better writing tool to assist you with content creation or you like the idea of creating content on the fly with push-button software, I highly recommend using an AI writing tool like WordHero. Unlike Article Builder, WordHero has many content generation tools built in and it can help save you time when producing your content.

On the other hand, if you prefer to hire writers to do all the work for you, then I recommend you check Online Jobs Ph to find the right writer for your content needs. With this site, you can hire virtual assistants to do any kind of work (customer service, website support, data entry ..etc) not just content creation so it’s a good overall site to find the perfect candidate for your business needs.

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20 thoughts on “Article Builder Honest Review – My Bad Experience!”

  1. Yes thats true, i make article builder and post to my blog, then i check with copyscape, shocked!! simmilar article everywhere

  2. Oh gracias por su información me acaba de ahorrar mucho dinero y desilusiones, definitivamente lo mejor es contratar o escribir, en la creación de artículos el camino fácil no existe 😉

    1. Hey Mike,

      Do you work for Article builder? .. yes, i call this a review because i have invested money into buying Article Builder’s membership and i took the time to try their service for myself, i am not going to review something that i have not tried before.

      I’ve shared my honest experience testing their service compared to hiring some one to write unique articles for me. And i think that this review has helped alot of people make a wise decision whether to buying Article builder or not. I’m sorry if you didn’t find it helpful though.

  3. I totally agree with Andrew. As I checked it I find the same content on another website. I never use any article builder.I always write content myself

  4. ohhh … thanks God I’ve found this review
    i try to read many reviews on the net before my purchase
    you save my time and money
    thanks again

  5. Yes this is 100% true, when i first purchased article builder every article i generated passed the plagerism check. but now 26/09/17 every article i generate is heavily plagerised in every single category.

  6. I agree with many of your premises yet I use AB for ideas. I rewrite a large part of the article and I never have writers block because I can easily create more ideas with it. I think it’s worth it. I only paid $147

  7. I agree with you. All the article builders just pick content from different sources and merge them together. The article is unique but it doesn’t make sense.

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