Honest Altushost Review - My Very Bad Experience!

Altushost Review – My Very Bad Experience!


In my Altushost review, I will share with you my experience with their hosting, servers, security, and customer support so you can decide if it is worth it.

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What is Altushost? Altushost is a European hosting company, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

It was my first time trying a non-US-based hosting company to host one of my websites and in this review, you will find my honest Altushost experience at that time. Just a hint, I no longer use their hosting service so I can’t comment on any recent changes or improvements that they have made to their service. I can not say that all the non-US hosting companies are bad. Of course, there are many factors to consider when looking for good and reliable web hosting. There is no such thing as a perfect hosting company. However, I must say with cheap web hosting you get what you pay for (cheap shared hosting, poor performance, bad servers, downtime ..etc).

Over the years, I have tested several web-hosting companies and moved my sites from one to another. I must say that you should look for the best web hosting available to host your business, not the cheapest. Web hosting is not the area where you save money. Trust me it’s frustrating to see your websites going offline and more frustrating to migrate your sites to a different server or web hosting provider. You will end up losing more money and effort.

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Altushost Review: My Bad Experience

When I came across Altushost, I saw some good and bad reviews. I always like to test everything for myself so I decided to give it a try and I ordered the 3 months hosting package to host one of my websites to test things out.

The First very bad thing I noticed is their poor billing system, I placed my order, and their website didn’t ask for my credit/visa or any other payment method!. It said that my order was placed, and it took me a while to figure out how I will pay for my order.

1. Customer Support

I contacted their live support and I must say they are the worst customer live support I’ve ever seen. I was writing to their support operator saying that: I’ve placed my order and I need to know how to pay for it! he was taking too long to reply back and his answers didn’t make any sense. Guess what, he didn’t know how I can pay for my order! he ended the chat by saying I should open a support ticket.

I opened a ticket, and finally, after having them look into it, I paid using Payza (which is pretty similar to Paypal), and I got my website live and running. This was just the beginning, their live support is useless and 90% of the time they will tell you to open a ticket to solve your issue which results in wasting a lot of your time.

2. Server Issues

During the 2 months period, my website went offline once so I contacted their live customer support again, and he seems to be very busy to reply back to me. In the end, he was trying to convince me that my website is showing offline only in my browser and after a bit of time my website came back to life.

That’s not all, Have you ever imagined losing all your website files? I have experienced that with Altushost which can be one main reason that makes this the worst hosting provider I’ve ever seen. Their Servers aren’t secure or backed up as supposed to be, so you can expect to lose all of your website files without a warning.  Imagine if you don’t have a site backup, that could be your worst nightmare.

Their servers have been messed up, and I’ve discovered that my website files have been deleted, so I contacted their live support and of course, they couldn’t do anything about it. Luckily I always auto backup all my websites so I was able to restore the files myself without losing my work or any of my recent changes.  That is one main reason to always back up your website to save your files from getting lost or hacked. I use backup buddy to schedule automated backups for all my websites and I highly recommend it.

Here’s my last chat with their customer operator:


3. Security

Altushost servers don’t provide the required security for a safe customer experience, their servers had some security holes. My google account has sent me over 5 security notifications for suspicious sign-in attempts, all coming from Altushost IP addresses.

Altushost%20Google%20Suspicious%20sign in


I have been receiving many emails from Altushost that include: a request to remove this review, offering 6 months of free hosting to try their service again, and another email from Mr. Nikola Tanaskovic (Altushost Chief Operating Officer) with an explanation of what his company has been through in the past, the improvements they have made and some links to prove that his company is legit and serious about running a hosting business.

He also commented on this thread and attached some proof, so in order to keep things fair, you may want to check his comment below before you decide whether or not to use the Altushost service.

As a reply to all Altushost emails, I must clarify 3 things:

  • My review only reflects my personal experience, I welcome all comments and discussions on this thread.
  • I have nothing against Altushost or the guys behind it (nothing personal here).
  • All my reviews are unbiased and I will not change my words to get free hosting or whatever.

I always like to keep things straight, I understand that Altushost may have gone through a tough time in the past, including hack attempts, and now, they may have improved their hosting service and support. That doesn’t change the fact that I’ve had a very bad experience with them back in 2013, but it also shouldn’t discourage anyone who wants to try out their service for themselves.

Generally, the main goal of this review is to provide my readers with my real experience nothing more or less. At the end of the day, the decision is yours whether you want to give them a try or not.

My final word for Mr. Nikola Tanaskovic:

If you continue to improve Altushost service (as you explained in your email) and you are really providing your customers with what they deserve, you don’t have to worry about my review or negative comments. Keep improving your hosting services and take care of your customers. I wish you all the best in your business.


I definitely did not like Altushost at the time I used them (back in 2013). I had several issues as you saw and I can’t recommend them. If you feel like Altushost has changed or improved its service, please let me know in the comments, and feel free to share your experience so everyone can benefit from it.

If you are searching for a safe, fast, and reliable web hosting provider, check my top recommendation here. Signup for free and use the coupon ANDREWREZK to save 20% off your first two months.

Final thoughts: Choosing a reliable web hosting provider is crucial for your business and choosing a bad one will definitely cost you time and money. When you look for web hosting you should for web hosting that is 1) reliable and 2) scalable.

Reliable means you get the best speed, performance, uptime (almost zero downtime), and customer service. Scalable means how easily you can scale up your servers or hosting resources. The more control you have over your hosting resources and space, the better.

That’s why I don’t recommend going after cheap shared hosting providers. You should go for at least VPS or Cloud hosting for improved performance. Cloudways is a great option if you want to have an all-in-one reliable hosting with super fast speed, security, performance, and scalability.

After testing many hosting providers out there, I must say that no one will care about your website or your business as much as you do, so always try to learn how to keep your website safe and be prepared to solve problems yourself without relying on customer support.

Update: Please note that I originally wrote this review back in May 2013. At that time, Altushost was a toddler hosting company, and as a small company, they had many problems at that time. Running a successful hosting business takes a lot of work and dedication so I’m not here to judge them. I don’t like writing negative reviews but I wanted to share my honest experience and frustration using their service at that time so you can learn from that. My review is not intended to make Altushost look bad.

It is crucial to choose a reliable and scalable web hosting provider for your business early to avoid frustration and losing customers down the road. I hope you have learned something from this review.

Have you had any experience using Altushost? feel free to post your comments and share your experience below.

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5 thoughts on “Altushost Review – My Very Bad Experience!”

  1. I’ve been with AltusHost since 2009. And I have nothing but good words to say about them.
    Period when you had issues AltusHost were target of multiple hacking attempts, server you were hosted at might be affected.

    I have 2 VPS and 1 Dedicated server with AltusHost.com and their support rocks!

    I suggest you to re-check this company again, not to give such comments with short period of test.
    Btw, AltusHost.com offers 45 Days Money Back guarantee now. I think they are pretty sure in quality of their services by their fact.

  2. I am not saying anything in favour of altushost since i have never hosted for them, but i would ike to counter attack on above statement that they use a pirated copy of WHMCS.. they might be using in past, i cannot say that but for since a long time, they have the license of using that.. you can verify this information here – http://www.whmcs.com/members/verifydomain.php

  3. AltusHost ownership you are free to check by extract Netherlands Chamber of Commerce, where AltusHost is incorporated under KVK Number 57600511
    This info can be verified in http://www.kvk.nl

    Also, AltusHost’s VAT number – NL852652896B01 can be verified on http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/

    AltusHost do not rent, but own all hardware and network infrastructure.
    We were renting some of hardware in early stage of our company, but since 2011. all Hardware is fully owned by our company.

    All those info are also verified over GlobalSign Extended Validation which you can verify on clients.altushost.com
    or simply click here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/gua8e0m4vdoq2cv/Screenshot%202014-02-15%2022.47.59.png

    I’m wondering how do you know that someone is playing video games and watching TV during the shift?
    Your argument is no sense, same as your argument that our support is unprofessional.
    We do have our office in India, same as thousands other companies all around world. But your staff names and titles are wrong and outdated, I really wondering where did you get those lies?

    About Pirated WHMCS and cPanel…
    AltusHost is official partner of WHMCS and cPanel/WHM
    About cPanel, well, see here: https://partnernoc.cpanel.net/res/6013
    AltusHost is partner both with WHMCS and cPanel/WHM since 2008. You are free to email both of companies and satisfy you troll attitude.

    Yes, we had hacking attacks, because someone so badly wanted to harm our company business during Q2 of 2013.
    This is the time when Mr. Andrew unfortunately made this review.
    But here we are, stronger, smarter, bigger. 😉
    This is for sure because of BS you’ve told in your post.

    About Money Back guarantee
    We never cheated anyone for the money!
    I would really love to hear your email address with us, you are free to email us on info at altushost.com so I can verify this story and that money back issue.

    If you find any kind of fraud, scam, phishing, child porn or anything similar against Dutch, European or any International law, feel free to email us on abuse at as51430.net

    I’m pretty sure that we never did to you anything bad, neither any of our staff members.
    So I feel kinda sorry for you making such amount of lies in order to harm someone on the internet.

    Really wish you all the best in your life!

  4. This host blatantly ignores DMCA requests and hosts a number of sites blatantly engaged in piracy which they make no attempt to take down even when the evidence of piracy is made all too clear to them. No wonder the MPAA recently reported them to the US government.

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