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On this Clickfunnels review, I will show you exactly what you will get inside ClickFunnels, what can you do with it and if it is really worth your money! I will also show you how you can create your Clickfunnels account For FREE. Make sure you watch my video on this page.

What is ClickFunnels?

Clickfunnels Members areaClickfunnels is an online platform by Russell Brunson, that allows you to create any kind of sales funnel to sell your products online. With Clickfunnels you can create: Sales funnels, Capture Leads funnels, Webinar funnels, Auto-webinar funnels, Membership Sites, Product Launch Funnels or even a custom built funnel.

Creating funnels in Clickfunnels is so easy, all you have to do is choose your funnel type and in a few seconds, the complete funnel will be created for you. No matter if you want to sell your own products or you are promoting products as an affiliate, Clickfunnels has the suitable kind of funnel that works for you.

You can sell anything online digital or physical products, Clickfunnels can easily integrate with a shopping cart to sell your products. It can work with all kinds of email auto-responders like Getresponse, Aweber, Mailchimp ..etc.

Watch this video as I explain more about Clickfunnels:

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How ClickFunnels Work?

Clickfunnels has some ready-made funnels to choose from, you can easily edit any funnels, add more pages or even create a new funnel from scratch. One of the best things I like is the Clickfunnels editor, which makes it very easy to edit every page with ease. (No HTML, coding or experience needed) Even if you have never built a website before, you can easily build a complete website using that editor. Watch this video:


ClickFunnels – Funnel Types:

Clickfunnels has 6 ready-made funnel types that can work for any kind of business:

1) Opt-in Lead/Capture Funnel

This is a simple funnel to help you build an email list.

It consists of: Squeeze Page + Thank You Page

Optin Lead Capture FunnelA Squeeze page (also called as Lead capture page, Optin page) is the best way to convert traffic into to leads (email addresses). Usually, the goal of this page is to offer an ethical bribe or free incentive in exchange for someone giving you their email address and when they do, they will get redirected to the thank you page.

This funnel is great for:

  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

2) Sales Funnel

If you want to sell something online, you will need to have a sales funnel that can: integrate with payment providers, deliver your sales message, provide a clear call to action and funnel your visitors to the order page. You can have that kind of sales funnel built for you using Clickfunnels.

It consists of: Squeeze Page + Sales Page + Order Confirmation + Download Page

ClickFunnels sales funnelThis funnel is great for:
  • Selling your products online
  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

3) Webinar Funnel

There are some webinar providers online and some of them require a monthly fee. With Clickfunnels you do Not have to use any additional software or plugin to run a successful live webinar. You can also build a custom webinar and make them look and feel exactly how you want.

It consists of: Webinar Sign up Page + Confirmation Page + Live Webinar

Clickfunnels webinar funnelThis funnel is great for:

  • Live coaching and presentations
  • Selling High-ticket products (making more money)
  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

4) Automated Webinar Funnel

If you have recorded a good webinar presentation but you don’t want to keep recording more live presentations. This automated webinar funnel will make your life easier as it will take your recorded webinar and create an experience for your webinar attendees that make them feel that they are really on a live webinar. You can even create a complete email follow-up in that funnel to remind your subscribers of the date and time of the live webinar. (you can trigger email sequences based on their attendance. Very Powerful: 8)

It consists of: Webinar Sign up Page + Confirmation Page + Auto-Webinar + Webinar Replay

Clickfunnels automated webinar funnelThis funnel is great for:

  • Automating any Live presentation
  • Selling High-ticket products (making more money)
  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

5) Membership Funnel

This is a membership site where you can deliver your content or products to people. Clickfunnels allows you to build membership sites that can lock certain areas based on what your customers purchased, you can also drip content to them based on the time they signed up & much more. (This is one great funnel for selling your content online with upsells and drip content over time.)

It consists of:  Sign up Page + Membership Area

Clickfunnels membership funnelThis funnel is great for:

  • Building membership sites
  • Locking or unlocking content based on time
  • Selling products or content online
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

6) Product Launch Funnel

If you have a new product, this funnel allows you to easily set up a product launch funnel. With Clickfunnels you can build up anticipation for your new product by giving away some free videos before you launch the product and make it available for purchase. This kind of product launch funnels has been proven to work really good for different niches. Usually, it is really complicated to build product launch funnels especially if it is your first product online, but with Clickfunnels it is as easy as creating other kinds of funnels.

It consists of:  Squeeze Page + Free Video #1 + Free Video #2 + Free Video #3 + Free Video #4 + Order Page + Thank You Page

Product launch funnelThis funnel is great for:

  • Building buzz around a new product
  • Create Upsells, down sells & more
  • Selling High-ticket products
  • Giving away free downloads or reports.

7) Custom Funnel

This is where you can build a custom funnel from scratch inside Clickfunnels, you can build any kind of funnel you want using the same powerful features: easily pick up a template, create pages, add an upsell or down sell, add automated webinar, create membership site ..etc. You can build advanced complex sales funnels with as many pages as you want.

Email Autoresponder Integration:

Clickfunnels can be integrated with almost all email autoresponders using API, I personally use Getresponse however, you will find all other autoresponders available to you.
You only connect your email autoresponder with Clickfunnels once, then it will be available to you for every page or funnel you create inside Clickfunnels. Once you have your email autoresponder integrated, you can even create a complete email follow-up sequence inside Clickfunnels itself which is really a powerful & time-saving feature.

Payment Integration:

If you want to set up Sales funnels to sell any kind of products (digital or physical), Clickfunnels can easily be integrated with:

  • Stripe
  • Infusionsoft
  • WarriorPlus
  • BackpackCRM
  • Clickbank
  • Taxamo (EU Tax Compliance)
  • Ontraport

Custom Domains:

Clickfunnels can host all the funnels & pages you create, meaning that you do Not have to use your own domain. Here’s how it works:

When you join Clickfunnels, you will choose a username for your account, and that username will be used in the URLs of all the pages you create as a sub-domain. Your Pages’ URLs will look something like that:

All of the Clickfunnels URLs or sub-domains will have “SSL” for free which add more security for your payments when you create Sales pages.

However, If you want to use your own domain name for all of your funnels, you can also do that.
They will provide you with a support documentation & instructions that will help you set up your own domain name with Clickfunnels.

ClickFunnels Features:

In addition to the above features, Clickfunnels also has:

– 100% Mobile Responsive Pages – One Click Upsells – Traffic & Conversions Stats
– Professional Ready-made Templates – Two-Step Opt-ins – Custom Order Forms
– A/B Split Testing – Instant Opt-ins – Drag And Drop Funnel Order

See all Clickfunnels feature here.

 Conclusion and Price:

If you are an entrepreneur or online marketer, After reading this review, I’m sure you already know how powerful Clickfunnels is and what it can do for your business. I don’t have any complaints about Clickfunnels, however, for the price it may not be the best option for everyone. Clickfunnels costs $97/month for the personal level up to the $297/month  for the Enterprise level. So here’s the question: Is it worth the $97/month?

Compared to other similar platforms that I’ve tried, Clickfunnels offers a ton of more features and it is one of the easiest & fastest platforms for creating complete marketing funnels. It makes it easy and fun to create any kind of marketing funnel no matter how complex it is. All your pages and funnels will be hosted on Clickfunnels so there is no need to get a website or signup for hosting. You will also be able to use your own domain name if you wish.

Best of all, it allows you to create professional looking landing pages and funnels without having to waste months of your time trying to build pages and connect everything together. Not to mention that you can easily modify and duplicate your funnels easy and fast. There is no type of funnel that you can’t create with this tool.

For serious online entrepreneurs, Clickfunnels is a reasonably priced tool to engage their audience and boost sales. Try it for Free and see if you love it, Click here to create a FREE Clickfunnels account.

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