Honest Easy VSL 2.0 Review: – Don’t Buy Until You Read This?!

Easy VSL Software

Easy VSL SoftwareI have bought “Easy Video Sales Letter” and on this Easy VSL review, i will reveal to you things that you Do Not Know about Easy VSL, and share with you my overall experience using the software. I have been using Easy VSL since the time it was first released back on January, 2015.

I will show you: All the new features and enhancements in Easy VSL 2.0 compared to Easy VSL 1.0!, Easy VSL Pros and Cons & much more.

Additionally, I will show you how Easy VSL works, what kind of videos you can create with this software, and some examples of videos that i’ve created with this tool.

As a Bonus Tip for You: I will share with you a way to make some quick money incase you decided to buy EasyVsl, so make sure you read my Bonus section on this page for more details.

What is Easy VSL?

(This video shows EasyVSL version 1.2.3, See all the new added features below) 

Easy VSL is a downloadable software by Mark Thompson and Matt Callen (two online marketers known for their success and good products reputation). The software work for both Mac and PC, It allows you to create video sales letter (VSLs) easier and faster without having to waste alot of your time or paying alot of money for someone to create video sales letters for you.

Easy VSL is very simple, easy-to-use software that doesn’t require any previous video editing experience, with Easy VSL not only you will be able to create VSLs fast but you can also create other kinds of videos like i’m about to show you on this page.

Inside Easy VSL Member’s Area:

easy vsl members areaWhen you purchase Easy VSL, you will get access to a members area dashboard where you will be able to download Easy VSL software, access training videos on how-to-use the software, and get support. You will also get a free bonus webinar that teaches you how to clone & build a profitable video funnels using clickfunnels. Now, let me explain more about why use Easy VSL or what’s good about this software!

How Easy VSL Work?

When you open Easy VSL software, you can create different VSls projects and as many videos as you want.

Easy VSL allows you to easily create your video in 6 easy steps:

1) Creating VSL: Create a new VSL project, then you can select one of 2 options:

  • Create a VSL from scratch: Typing text on each slide as you do in Powerpoint
  • Paste Text: You simply paste all of your text from notepad, Ms word or any text editor. (This saves alot of time)

2) Adding Split marks: Add split marks where you want your slides to end as explained in the video above.

3) Choose Background theme or color: Choose your background style and color.

4) Editing slides: Easy VSL will create all your slides with the text you specified for each slide. On this step, you will have so many options, you can change the theme for each slide or for all slides, select a different background, edit text, edit font type, edit font size, edit font color, create/remove slides, align text, select transition type, do bulk changes & much more.

5) Add Audio to timeline: Simply choose any audio file (for example a music or a voice-over) and Easy VSL will loads it up on the timeline, then you can simply choose where you like the transition between each slide & slide to happen. All you have to do is to play your audio inside Easy VSL and as your audio goes through & plays, you simply click on the slides at the time you want them to appear.

You will have a simple drag timeline editor with a video display screen, so if you make any mistakes with the slides timing, you can always fix them with few clicks. (Just like the timeline of any advanced video editing software, but in a more simpler way)

6) Publish your Video: Click Publish, choose your video quality (High definition, standard quality..etc) and your video will be ready.

With those 6 steps, you can literally create any video sales letter in few minutes. And it will save you a ton of time, imagine having to do this the old way it would take you hours. That’s why i like using Easy VSL myself.

Why Use Easy VSL?

Video sales letters can help you increase your sales tremendously. No matter if you are promoting your own products or someone else’s products, we all know that people prefer to watch videos rather than reading long sales letter page, and it was already proven that videos can help increase conversions by 220%. The problem most people face when creating videos is that it’s very time consuming & expensive.

Before Easy VSL, inorder to create a video sales letter you would either:

  • Create the Video sales letter yourself, normally by using powerpoint (Very time-consuming)
  • Hire someone to create the Video Sales letter for you (Expensive)

The process of creating video sales letters in powerpoint is normally as follows:

  1. Open powerpoint, and create many slides.
  2. Copy few lines of your Sales letter or sales copy to each slide in power point manually until you create a full powerpoint presentation.
  3. Record a voice-over or audio.
  4. Play your powerpoint presentation and try to match your audio with it, by clicking your mouse for each new slide to appear.

This process can take hours, i know that it already takes alot of time just to create slides inside powerpoint, not to mention things like: changing fonts, adjusting text, adding images, ..etc. You get the idea!

That’s where Easy VSL come in, and that’s why i think it is a useful tool.

Easy VSL Pros:

  • Easy-To-Use
  • Drag & Drop Interface
  • One-time low price
  • Frequent Updates

Easy VSL Cons:

  • Can not use a Custom Background
  • Can not duplicate slides

Note: I expect these 2 above missing features to be added in the new EasyVSL 2.0

Easy VSL Features:

Since the time i’ve bought Easy VSL, there have been frequent updates and improvements being made the software which is another reason of why i like Easy VSL; it is getting better and better.

Currently, i have Easy VSL version 1.2.1 which includes a bulk action option for changing fonts, slides, animations as well as a new better interface for editing the timeline.

Easy VSL timelineYou can drag and drop any slide on the time line, and you can also zoom in or zoom out the timeline for more accurate timing.

Easy VSL Main Features:

  • Simple point & click interface: easily point anywhere on any slide to add text, images and move things around. (it is much easier than power point)
  • Custom colors & Backgrounds themes: Pick up any background color, choose from the ready background themes or even import and use your own Custom Background Design (coming update)
  • Automatic slide creation: Paste all your text at once, and Easy VSL will create all the slides for you automatically (saves alot of time)
  • Save & Edit Videos: create any video inside Easy VSL and it will be saved in the dashboard. You can later edit, duplicate or delete any video with ease.
  • Custom fonts: Easy VSL has some beautiful text fonts to choose from.
  • Easy Timeline Editing: as i mentioned above you can easily control each slide timing.
  • High quality .MP4 videos format: Easy VSL allows you to create HD quality videos in Mp4 format, which is considered to be the most supported format that works on any device.
  • Ability to Insert Video into your Presentation: Simply add any video as a slide to play inside your presentation
  • Mass Update Fonts and Slide Animation across all slides: Edit Fonts and Background of all slides in Bulk
  • Support the ability to add multiple audio files (not just one)
  • Ability to use .WAV or .Mp3 audio files
  • Publish Your Video WITHOUT Audio

Easy VSL 2.0 and Coming Updates:

The new Easy VSL 2.0 included more Features and enhancements. Some of the Added features that I liked personally are:

  • Text animation Feature: with the new Easy VSl 2.0, now you can add animations and effects to your text as it comes on to the slide
  • Built-In Audio Recorder: Allows you to record and edit your voice-over directly in the software timeline
  • Text to speech (TTS): Choose any of the built-in natural sounding voices in the software to read the text on each of your slides, and to create an audio file that can be used for your EasyVSL video. With this feature You do not have to create a separate Voice-over file. (very cool)

More Easy VSL 2.0 Features:

  • Translate your slides to any language
  • Instantly Publish your Video to YouTube and Vimeo from within EasyVSL
  • One-Click Speech to Text functionality
  • Translate your slides to any language
  • Export Slides to PDF Presentation
  • One-Click Language Translator
  • Instant syncing of audio

Coming Updates:

According to Easy VSL development team, there will be also more cool updates coming in the development queue:

  • Voice Bunny API Integration
  • Import and Use your own Custom Background Design
  • Import/Export functionality
  • Duplicate Slides

My Bonus Tip: How to Make Money Using Easy VSL?

Creating videos specially VSLs is really hot these days, almost everyone in every niche is using VSL. Most people use Easy VSL to create videos for their products or businesses (that’s one way to increase conversions and make more money). But how about creating videos for other people? (that’s another way to make money with this software). At the time i Bought Easy VSL 1.0, there used to be a separate agency license sold for $97 which allows you to sell the videos that you create with this software.

Now with EasyVSL 2.0, they have removed the agency license option …  so if you grab Easy VSL 2.0 at the regular price, you should be able to sell your videos to your clients at no additional cost.

Since Easy VSL allows you to create videos in minutes instead of hours, you will be able to create more videos fast which means more money for you. (this is a great way specially for many people who don’t have any products to promote for themselves). If that’s you, go to any freelancing site like: Freelancer, Elance or Upwork and start promoting your work there.

There are tons of people who are looking for someone to help them create video sales letters for their businesses and if you enjoy creating videos, you can create VSLs for them and make money that way 😉


Before Easy VSL, i used to create my VSL using advanced video editing tools like Camtasia. Although these advanced video editing tools are good, they are not designed to create video sales letters! Here’s what i mean …

Basically, inorder to create a video sales letter using any of the video editing tools, it will literally take you 1 hour or more just to Copy & paste each line of your text manually to your video’s timeline. Not to mention the time required to adjust fonts, colors, animations, and synchronizing your text with your audio file.

We (marketers) need a simple tool that can save time and create high quality video sales letters easily. And that’s what Easy VSL is all about. It is built by marketers .. for marketers, and it is designed specifically for creating VSLs.

So in my opinion, yes Easy VSL is well worth the investment specially with all the free coming updates & features being added to the software, It’s becoming more valuable.

Click here to get Easy VSL

Did you try Easy VSL? or Have you ever created a video using any video editing tool?

Share your comment or thoughts below. I’d love to answer all your questions.

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  1. Hey, It was a great review. Bought Easy vsl because of your review. Thanks a lot. Using it with ease.

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