Shoe in Money Review – What’s Inside This Course?

What is Shoe In Money?

Shoe in Money is an online training course by Jeremy Shoemaker (author of best selling Amazon book: The ShoeMoney Story).

ShoeInMoneyShoe in Money course consists of 7 modules as well as some free bonuses, money systems, and 30-day action plan. Inside this course, Jeremy teaches much valuable info. like: how to creating your own brand, how to do affiliate marketing correctly, how to use the power of social media and advertising, how to persuade people to buy your product or affiliate offer, Copywriting tips, SEO, Traffic Techniques and much more.

About Jeremy Schoemaker:

Jeremy was named as the most influential person on the internet by Fast Company magazine in 2010. Shoe in Money isn’t his first program but it is considered one of his best because he has put some good training materials and years of expertise inside this course as you’ll discover in this review.  Jeremy has been creating products, websites and promoting things for himself and other marketers for about 10 years now, so he has become an expert.

What You Will Get Inside “Shoe In Money”?

Below is a list of exactly what you get inside the member’s area.

Module 1

  • 10 things that work (and 20 that Don’t)
  • Leverage What other people are doing

Module 2

  • What Can you promote?
  • Clickbank 101
  • Choosing a product to promote on Clickbank
  • How People Make Money as Affiliates

Module 3

  • Creating a Persona: Whoa re You?
  • Creating a Persona: What’s your niche?
  • Choose Your Vehicle
  • Create a Powerful Message

Module 4

  • Relationship Building online
  • Social tools of the trade
  • Getting started on Facebook
  • Advertising on Facebook

Module 5

  • The Three P’s of Persuasion
  • How to use Pain to Persuade
  • Show them the potential
  • Prove it
  • Copywriting tips and techniques

Module 6

  • WordPress Basics
  • Tweaking WordPress To your needs
  • Content Shortcuts
  • Getting better deals with Advertisers
  • Compliance and Legal issues

Module 7

  • Inbound Marketing – Going Organic
  • Blog Posts
  • Webinars and Video Posts
  • Ads and Reviews
  • Facebook and Twitter
  • White Papers
  • Free Ebooks and Reports
  • Consultations
  • Comments and Forums
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Paid Traffic warnings and Opportunities
  • Creative Sources of traffic

Bonus Videos

These are some of Jeremy’s interviews with some marketing personalities both online and offline for his shoe money show.

Free Report

In this section, Jeremy teach 5 steps to create an Audacious, Eyeball Grabbing, unstoppable Brand for your internet marketing business

30 Day Action Plan:

  1. Find your  Focus
  2. Target a Product
  3. Persona Crafting
  4. What’s Your Vehicle?
  5. What’s Your Message?
  6. Populate our Online Presence
  7. Build a Blog
  8. Install WordPress and create your first site
  9. Research Competitors
  10. Create your Email list
  11. Content Time
  12. Populate your list
  13. Create a Facebook/Twitter Plan
  14. Find the Pain
  15. Write a Pitch
  16. Populate Your site
  17. Reach out to other Marketers
  18. Network, Network, Network
  19. Identify a Unique Advantage and Exploit it
  20. Monetize
  21. SEO in a Day
  22. Guest posts
  23. 10 other content Marketing Tactics
  24. Is it time to spend Money?
  25. Blitzing the social scene
  26. Turning up the heat on media and PR
  27. Measuring Success in 1 Month
  28. Create a second site
  29. connecting your sites
  30. Month 1 Down – Time to replicate

OTO 1 – Cash in Money System

This is Readymade sites and sales pages for you to download including articles, graphics, audio formatted files and also e-products which you could use. The currently available niche site packages include Affiliate marketing, Business, Environment, Family, Finance, Hobbies, Home, Internet Marketing, Jobs, learning, relationships, self-improvement and website traffic.

Jeremy said that this page will be updated every month with new niches so you can get new cool content here.

OTO 2 – A list Machine

  • Stay in touch
  • Build relationships
  • Choosing an Autoresponder
  • Double Opt-in is your friend
  • Creating an email sequence
  • Value vs. Selling
  • Freebies
  • Storytelling
  • Getting that email opened
  • Leverage social tools through email
  • The value of one lead

Shoe in Money Testimonial:

– By John Chow ( The Creator of Blogging with John chow Training course)

My Conclusion:

Jeremy is one of the good internet marketing experts, he has a long experience with building websites, promoting products, advertising, SEO….etc.  I always say that: “The best way for anyone to start making money online is to learn from someone who is already making money online”. Jeremy has poured a lot of his knowledge and experience inside this course so I think it’s worth checking out. Shoe in money training course provides good value and I’m sure you’ll learn new things and find some gold nuggets to improve your online business. Click here to join Shoe in Money.

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