Instabuilder Review - What Exactly You Get?

Instabuilder Review – What Exactly You Get?

Instabuilder is a WordPress plugin that allows you to create professional looking squeeze pages, sales pages and opt-in forms without the need to have any technical knowledge or expertise in designing and codes.

Instabuilder has many features and options to allow you to create the look and feel of pages that fit your needs, you can select between many of page designs, add custom background or even a video background, add your website logo, add your opt-in form anywhere inside your content or the sidebar, add custom videos for squeeze pages, add Facebook comments, sharing buttons, you can also add an exit URL redirect which prevents your visitors from leaving your page and direct them to another squeeze page or URL of your choice and much more.

Here are some examples of what you can do with Instabuilder:

What I liked about Instabuilder is that it is a WordPress plugin Not a WP theme, so you can use it on any of your websites without any problems or having to change your main wp theme, also another good thing that it allows you to not only to change the page design but to change  the whole styling, fonts of your content as well as adding some graphics and cool buttons like this: which make this plugin able to create the whole website without having to worry about the WordPress theme.

Instabuilder Features:

Let me show you each feature of Instabuilder and how you can use it.

1. Create and Customize your Page design

Using the Main Instabuilder tab, you can choose your page type: Squeeze page, Mini Squeeze page, Single column page ( for sales page, opt-in confirmation, thank you/download pages…etc), Video page ( video sales page, launch page,..etc) or product launch page.

you can select from the ready-made designs and color available, change your website Favicon if you’d like, and write your headline for your page, the headline area is the same as your WordPress editor, so you can fully customize the text as you would like.

Using the Custom Background tab, you can fully customize your header and body background with the color, and custom image URL.

Using the Logo tab, to change your website logo…(remember when I said that you can fully customize your website without having to mess with any Wp themes or another plugin). you have the option to use image or text based logo with fully customizable text color and fonts.

2.Create Optin Forms

Here is where the core of your instabuilder works, using the opt-in tab you can integrate your autoresponder code from any autoresponder service like Getresponse or Aweber…etc. You can also add facebook connect with your optin form which allows your visitors to subscribe to your lists using facebook (Very very powerful and viral technique ;)). In this section you can customize all the fields for your opt-in form: subscribe method, opt-in form title, opt-in form text, opt-in form image …etc. you can also customize your Optin form subscribe button with a pre-made image button, custom CSS/text button or use your own image.

3. Add Videos

Using the video tab, you choose how you want to insert the video (for your video sales page). You can use your hosted video URL or any video URL like youtube….or Embed your video code/script, then you can add customize your Video Size and if you’d like to add a Button below the Video with a delayed amount of time, there are many cool things you can do in this section.

4. Social Comments

You can make your page go viral by adding a facebook comment box here, you can also display Disqus comment

5. Social sharing

Another Good feature for instabuilder is that you don’t have to use a separate social wp plugin to add social sharing buttons. In this tab, you can select which social sharing site you want to display, and the plugin will display a left or right bar with your selected sharing sites.

6. Exit Redirect

You can prevent visitors from leaving your page, by using the exit redirect feature..this will display a message to the visitors trying to leave your site, and redirect them to another URL or website offer of your choice (another Cool feature built in the plugin ;))

7. Viral download

In this section, you can enter a compelling content or special download especially just for the people who share your website to entice your audience to share your site/offer. ex: Get FREE access to my VIP Video Training ($97 value). when you share this offer with others ( good viral technique)

8. Mobile Page Switcher

You can enable this option if you want visitors who view this page using mobile devices to be redirected to a special page. You can choose a page where you want to redirect the visitors who are using mobile devices.

9. Time delayed content

You can create sales pages where the buy button pops up at the end of the video, the time delayed feature enables you to display any content at any time you need.

10. Add Graphics/Styles /Change Fonts

In addition to the Instabuilder Main settings that appears below each of your WordPress posts, Instabuilder also adds 3 additional tabs in your Post editor bar which are the: Styles, add media and Instabuilder tab.

1. Instabuilder Icon (star-shaped): is to Add cool graphics and buttons to your page like add to cart, buy now button, payment methods, PayPal payment, money back guarantee…etc.

2. Styles tab: to full change or customize you text, you can even add cool fancy boxes and highlights.

3. Instabuilder tab: Here you can add some cool stuff anywhere inside your page content like: opt-in forms,  mp4 videos, Youtube videos, arrange text in columns, featured boxes, Pop-up images or videos, Pop u-up content, tabbed content, Facebook content reveal and a countdown which enhances your visitors to opt-in before the time runs out (very cool)

My Conclusion:

I believe that Instabuilder is a very powerful tool when it comes to creating professional and highly customizable Sales/Squeeze page of any kind. Many people are paying $100s for a designer to create a sales page or squeeze pages for them while you can only buy Instabuilder once and save a lot of your money. It comes with two price options, $47 for a single license and $77 for an unlimited license, you can also get the developer license for an additional $50, and it worth it. I own the developer license and I recommend you get it too because it allows you to create any sales/squeeze page using instabuilder and then sell it for 100% profits, so you can create pages for people and earn money using the instabuilder. Click Here to Download Instabuilder Now

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