The Secret Formula of Making $710,000 In 28 Days!

When it comes to internet marketing and making money online, there are only 2% of people who are actually making huge amount of money online. Others so called “gurus” are just fake actors with fake screenshots who claim to be successful but the truth is they are still struggling to make money online just like you. People who buy these fake gurus products usually ends up failing online, that’s just one reason why most newbies give up on internet marketing. The average person usually spends around 6 months or even a couple of years to find the right coaching program, and understand how to start making a living online.

Making money online and achieving the internet lifestyle is a dream for many people, but the biggest problem is that no one reveals the secret formula to achieve that kind of lifestyle and that’s is what Vick Strizheus trying to do. His new system is called Big Idea Mastermind, and it’s all about helping people to make money and make a difference.

Who is Vick Strizheus?

Vick also named as (the traffic king) has been teaching people how to get a large amount of targeted traffic to any website or affiliate offer, he made alot of money as an affiliate by using his traffic strategies that only few people knows about. He created an online course called high traffic academy to teach his unique traffic methods. I was from those lucky people who bought that course, I’ve learned alot of advanced traffic techniques inside HTA, things that I didn’t see any internet marketer teach. Vick’s unique style of teaching and valuable training have kept me hooked to learn more from him until he came with his best, the Big Idea Mastermind system. Because Targeted traffic = money, I realized later how Vick was able to make that huge amount of money without having a website or a product. He was doing completely the opposite of what every other internet marketer is doing. Vick is also one of the top earners with empower network.

Here’s a screenshot of empower network top earners leader board:

Empower network leaderboard

The $7100,000 Case Study

There are some internet gurus that are making six figures each month, those who have their products and their affiliates promoting their products can easily generate six or 7 figures each month. But I don’t think anyone can make $710,000 in under a month, even without having a product or affiliates or jv partners. That what Vick was able to achieve using his big idea mastermind system.

Vick Strizheus

Vick has performed an experiment by giving this system to some of his students to see if it will work for them and the results blew him away. By doing the polar opposite of what everybody else is doing online, Vick was able to achieve big online success and unlike many other gurus, Vick doesn’t want to make money out of people without giving them any value. Infact, he doesn’t need people’s money, he needs people’s success stories and that’s why he is giving away his Big Idea Mastermind system for free. I recommend you watch this free video series that explains how you can achieve the same kind of success.

What’s Inside these Free Videos?

After you enter your email address on this page, you will get access to some free videos that explains his “secret formula”

$710,000 in 28 days

In these videos, Vick will explain the three main components you need inorder to make alot of money online faster than anything else, as he said there is a way to take you from point A to pint B slow and there is another way that to take you from point A to point B fast. Most people struggle by following the wrong route and make few amount of money online, others work smart not hard and make alot of money in a short period of time and that is the secret formula.

Vick breaks down his secret formula into 3 main things:

  1. A Vehicle or Offer to promote.
  2. An Engine or System that has a good compensation plan to pay you high commissions.
  3. Fuel for that Vehicle (traffic) that will allow you to make money with the system.

Vick Strizheus Secret Formula

In the first video, Vick will give you a quick overview of those three main secret formula components. In the second video, Vick goes explain each of these components in detail, he also will give you access to download his software called (easy landing pro) which will allow you to create good looking landing pages on any website. In the third video, Vick will show you some testimonials from people who are actually using his system and how much they are making. cool stuff.

 How to Get Access To These Videos?

To Watch these free training Videos Click here, and put in your email address to watch the first video. The next Videos will be sent to your email inbox, so make sure you use your valid email address to receive all videos from Vick. After you finish watching all videos you will understand how exactly Vick was able to achieve that kind of success and how you can do it too. Best of all you will get chance to join his Big Idea Mastermind system for free. Let me know if you have any questions in the comments section below.

Big Idea Mastermind Success Stories

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