“Power Traffic X” Review – Traffic and Conversions Mastery

You may already heard about Power Traffic X, which is a brand new “Traffic & Conversions Mastery” product by Vick Srtizheus. I have already bought that course, and in this review i will show you what you should expect and what exactly you will get.

Who is Vick? First for those who don’t know, Vick is the no. 1 earner in empower Network, in his first month with empower network he was able to make $710,000 in 28 days. It may sounds crazy or hype but that really what Vick was able to achieve not because he got magical powers but because this guy knows how to drive tons of quality traffic to any product and most importantly how to convert sales. To learn more about Vick, Check what David Wood (co-founder of empower network) said about Vick!

What is “Power Traffic X”?

Power Traffic X consists of 3 parts:

Part1: Capture Mastery

In this part you will learn:

  • How to build a custom capture landing page and make it unique to promote any product whether it’s empower network products or any other product.
  • What landing pages are converting and what are not with examples and case studies!
  • You will also get a very cool tool that will allow you to build any kind of landing pages drag & drop without having to deal with any HTML codes. No experience required.

Part2: Traffic Mastery

which consists of 12 Modules:

Module 1: Media Traffic X

These are advanced strategies that ‘big boys’ utilize to open floodgates of residual traffic. You can literally start as low as $5 per day or $5 per week and the best part is it’s residual traffic so you set it up once and it will continue to work over and over again.

Module 2: The OPL Method

You will learn how to get other people to promote your site and send you their traffic. It works like magic.

Module 3: Traffic Agencies

You will learn how to tab into buyers lists, you can get as low as a 100 clicks/day or 100,000 clicks/day if you want, you start low and then you scale up.

Module 4: Penny Traffic

You will learn how to get laser targeted traffic for as low as a penny per visitor.

Module 5: PPC Traffic

You will learn how to use the power of underground PPC to get tons of targeted traffic.

Module 6: Mobile Traffic

Ofcourse Mobile is the hottest industry these days, and in this module you will learn how to get tht big wave traffic.

Module 7: Facebook Traffic X

This isn’t the typical Facebook advertising (PPC), these are some advanced materials that only few wlite marketers know about.

Module 8: Social Media Traffic

If you want to know how to get traffic for free, and you don’t want to spend money that module teach you how to do that.

Module 9: Video Traffic

How to get tons of free traffic and turn yourself into a celebrity using just videos.

Module 10: CPA Traffic Secrets

How to get unlimited leads and email optins using the power of CPA networks, and only pay for real optins not for fake clicks.

Module 11: Traffic Amplifier

How to to turn 1 visitor into 10 without paying any extra money or putting any extra work.

Module 12: Traffic Intelligence

This is one of the most valuable modules, where you learn how to strategically uncover new sources of traffic and never depend on anybody for traffic again.

Part 3: Conversion Mastery

In this part you will learn how you can easily convert all the traffic into email optins (leads) and how to convert leads into sales. The fun part!

Have you ever imagined you could spend $50,000 on a traffic campaign?!!

Well that’s the average of how much Vick is spending on his traffic campaigns, ofcourse you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars to get traffic, but what i mean here is that Vick knows exactly what he is doing, he is so confident to spend $40,000 or $50,000 on a traffic campaign because he knows that he will get high quality traffic and high conversions, unlike other gurus that know little about traffic.

Infact to get started, you don’t have to pay for campaigns to get traffic, because inside Power Traffic X there are many ways to get Free high quality traffic, and Vick is teaching how you can start from zero and then scale it up for high profits.


Power Traffic X is by far the most advanced, powerful and yet simple to follow “traffic and conversions” system for any online entrepreneur who wants to build their business and take it to the next level. I have been following Vick’s training for along time and i’ve learned alot from him. I must say that he is the king when it comes to “traffic generation and sales conversions”. His training is top notch, and i’m sure you will learn alot from this guy so if you are taking your online business seriously and want to learn how to skyrocket your traffic & conversions, i highly recommend you check out Power traffic X.

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