Honest Hire Writers Review - My Real Experience?

Honest Hire Writers Review – My Real Experience?

Are you wondering about Hirewriters.com? What should you expect? Is it worth your money?

If your answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right page. In this Hire writers review, I’m going to share with you my longtime experience using Hirewriters, plus an overview of how everything works on the back-end/members area, so let’s get started.

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What is Hire Writers?

Hire writers.com

Hire writers is an article/content writing company, you can signup with hire writers in 2 different ways;

  1. You signup as a client to order articles to be written for you. Or
  2. You signup as a writer to write articles on any niche, and make money as a writer or content provider.

Hire writers is a way to connect writers and clients, the whole idea behind the hire writers company is to provide both writers and clients with a safe and reliable environment to do mutual business so everyone wins.

As a client: You will find hundreds of well-skilled writers that are ready to write unique content for you in any niche and according to your instructions.

As a writer: You will choose topics that you can write on, and start to brand yourself as a skilled writer and make money.

Hire Writers Review: How it works

My Experience with Hire Writers:

What to expect? I have been using Hire writers for over the past few months now, and I’m still using it to get quality content for my websites. Here’s a screenshot of my hire writers dashboard:

hire writers dashboard

Since I’ve been using hire writers as a client so my experience is from the eye of a client here, I didn’t have the time to go test hire writers as a writer, however, in my opinion, I saw many writers that are doing a pretty good job and they are making good money with hire writers. As shown in the above image, hire writers has a nice dashboard that shows you, how many jobs you have in progress, how many articles waiting for your approval, how many jobs ( articles) written for me, and my acceptance rate based on those jobs. As you can see, I had 71 completed jobs and my acceptance rate is 93% (which means that I did approve almost all articles written). I’m continuing to order more articles on a regular basis and I’m overall satisfied with their service. 🙂

Hire Writers Features:

1. Easy to use interface:

Hire writers has a very user-friendly interface, where you can order and manage all of your article projects. You can order one or more articles in one project, all you have to do is fill up this simple article order form with article details, and specific instructions. Articles can be ordered in almost any category or niche. what I liked the most about Hire writers is that you can order different kinds of projects including writing articles, research, proofreading, article rewriting, Facebook fan page posts, data entry jobs, or any other tasks.


2. Good Flexible Article Prices:

Hire writers has a good non-expensive article price, compared to other writing services, hiring writers starts at $1.5 per article, below is the article pricing table corresponding to the writer’s skill level.


Set Your Own Prices: The above article prices are the default article prices, however, you can set your own prices when ordering articles from your favorite writers, Which gives you more flexibility to manage your budget. (I like that feature :D)


3. Native English Writers:

Hire writers only accept writers from English countries; USA, Australia, Canada, UK ..etc. There are many native English-speaking writers and you can choose who writes for you, so you can be sure you’ll get the desired quality for your articles with no grammar mistakes or nonsense articles.

4. Add Writers To Your Favorite List:

If you liked the articles written by a specific writer, you can add him/her to your favorite writer’s list and you can order articles from that person specifically, this allows you to build your list of trusted & best writers for future article writing projects. (Very powerful feature)

5. Only Pay For Good Articles:

Each time a writer writes an article for you, you have the option to review that article and to whether accept it, request a revision, or to deny that article (fire this writer), which will block the writer and prevent him/her from writing articles for your projects again and you can repost your project or choose a specific writer from your favorite list to write to you. So you only pay for the articles you accept and this feature allows you to get the best out of your money.

Hire%20writers%20 %20Accept%20articles

6. Download Text and Spun Articles:

One of the best features of hire writers is the ability to download your articles in a text format as well as Spun (rewritten) format, an example of Spun format:

{A standard|A normal|A regular|An ordinary|A typical} tick {bite|chew|chunk} is {around the|across the} {size|measurement|dimension} of the {duration|period|length} {at the|on the} {finish|end} of this sentence, and {it is|it’s} {in most cases|generally|typically|normally|usually|most often} painless and {is going|goes} unnoticed.

The spun format allows you to easily create different variations of your article and can be easily used in any article rewriting software like the best spinner. This is very useful for submitting your articles and building backlinks for your website in several places on the internet.

7. Adding Money to Hire writers:

Hire writers accepts PayPal or credit cards, and you can easily add money from your PayPal or credit card to your hire writers account. The minimum deposit is $10 which is good and enough to order at least one article.

8. Get 10$ Free For Joining:

When you register your free account with hire writers, you’ll get a bonus of $10 credit to your account, I recommend you take advantage of this offer and order your first article to test their service for yourself.

Update: New Features Added

– Managed Services

Hire writers recently added the Managed services, By using this service you can outsource the whole process of content creation and posting to your blog or even to your social media pages: Facebook, which saves you a lot of time.

How does it work? With managed services, Hire writers will assign a project manager who will take care of all your content needs leaving you more time to focus on running your business. You will no longer have to find writers on your own, manually take content from Hirewriters, and post it to your blog or update your Facebook fan page.

Here are some of the things that you could use this service for:

  • Running your Email Campaigns: Never have to deal with scheduling emails to your prospects/clients again
  • Running your Facebook Fan Page: Hire writers will keep it updated for you and come up with ideas for posts on your behalf
  • Article Creation: Hire writers will find the writers, proofread the content, get revisions, and even come up with ideas for you.
  • Managing your Blog: They will come up with topics, create blog posts, and even post them to your blog on your behalf.
  • Updating Websites:  They will update your website, or websites, on a regular basis with fresh content

– New Payment Method (bitcoin)

Recently, Hirewriters has added a new payment method: Bitcoin. So now you can easily deposit money to your Hirewriters account using Papal, Debit/Credit card, or bitcoin.

Add/ deposit Money to hire writers

Hire Writers Review: Conclusion

No doubt creating unique quality content is very important for any website, but it is one of the most tedious jobs. I don’t know about you but for me, it usually takes a lot of time to write one good piece of content (I spend around 5 hours writing this article for you so you can find the information you’re looking for). Imagine having to write content for your own website every day or if you have many websites, it will be impossible for you to have time to write every post yourself. Sooner or later you’ll need to outsource the job for someone to help you.

The best thing about hire writers is that you have full control over your articles, and it will help you to provide your readers with good valuable content on a regular basis without having to take writing as a second job. In my opinion, Hire writers is a very good and reliable content writing service that will help you create quality content for a low price, so you can have more time to focus on marketing & growing your business. Click here to get a Free $10 Deposit in your Hire writers account.

Leave a comment below and let me know what you think about HireWriters!

Hire writers Review: Wrap Up
Hire writers

HireWriters is an online platform where you can signup as a writer to make money from writing articles or you can sign up as a buyer to buy articles. HireWriters is a way to connect talented writers with buyers

Price: 10

Price Currency: $

Operating System: Windows and Mac OSX

Application Category: Article Writing

Editor's Rating:


  • Hirewriters is a great platform for connecting skilled writers with clients.
  • The pricing for ordering content is very affordable.
  • It is a user-friendly and easy-to-use platform.
  • Clients can request revisions and ask writers to make changes as needed.
  • For writers, it's eas to find and applying for writing jobs.
  • Payments are made promptly and securely, so writers get paid on time.


  • Since Hirewriters is a popular platform, there is a lot of competition for jobs.
  • Higher competition means that writers may have to accept lower pay rates.
  • Writers may not have much control over the topics they write about.
  • The pay rates are relatively low, so writers may not earn a significant income.
  • The quality of writers varies, so it's important to screen potential candidates.

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26 thoughts on “Honest Hire Writers Review – My Real Experience?”

  1. As a writer, I say avoid Hirewiters. After 5 articles, each with a 5 star review, my account got frozen. When I queried it, I got fed this line:
    “I’m sorry, but after a review of your writing, our editorial staff decided that it is probably best if you do not continue to write for us.”

    I asked for an explanation, and they closed the ticket without a response. It was only when I let them know that I planned to let others know about my experience that they responded, saying that my writing wasn’t good enough. Many of the listings explicitly allow for “spun” articles, and I’ve written extensively for newspapers and magazines.

    I’m confident that the quality of the writing was not the issue. I believe it was the ticket I opened complaining about jobs in the 0-150 word category asking for 300+ words that got me labelled as a troublemaker.

    1. @Ivan I know exactly how you feel! The closing of my account was very much similar to yours. I’ve come across many other writers who’ve inquired about events beyond their control regarding their account(s) and they were given the boot. Again, AVOID WRITING FOR HIREWRITERS.

  2. Billy Brown (@Billy_Brown_09)

    I have been getting content from hire writers and when I logged in tonight it said my account was frozen. I have about $80 still on there. I hope they resolve this.

  3. I’m not sure about these other writers, but I am guessing they violated the policies of HireWriters (i.e. probably were not native english speaking writers etc). I’ve been writing there for over 2 years, and have never had a problem.

    Their customer support was actually really friendly to me, and even reached out to me personally after noticing my work. I thought that was a really nice touch… most companies would never do something like that. In case you’re wondering, I’m averaging around $150/week writing for them… I’m not going to get rich doing it but I love some of the regular clients I have gotten to know, and I enjoy the work!

    1. Fredrick,

      Thank you for sharing your experience with hirewriters as a writer.
      For those who want to make money writing articles, i think $150/week is not bad at all, specially if you enjoy writing, there is definitely a potential of making more than that.

      Many clients are looking for long-term writers, so once you establish a good relationship with some clients, they will send their orders directly to you every week or everyday …etc.

      There is no limit on how much articles you can write. I think this can be a full-time job for serious writers, it just takes time to find clients that you feel comfortable working with. Once you do, you can ensure getting orders on a consistent basis.

      As a client myself, I l always order from my favorite list of writers over & over again. I simply prefer to work with only 5 people rather than working with everyone & having to explain my projects each time. It saves me alot of time & since i already trust these writers, i can always be sure that the work will be done as i expect.

      Once again, thanks Fredrick for sharing your point of view.

      Cheers 🙂

  4. The fact that writers starting out earn less than a penny per word is deplorable. I was just in looking at the system and $1.27 for 150 words. I don’t know what clients are paying, but IMO when Google’s algorithms are calling for high quality, offering so little is a poor move. There are far better sites for writers out there.

  5. I’ve been using hirewriters.com for about 5 days, and have managed to reach the “expert” level in that time. While some of the rates are low, it seems to me the focus should be on getting to the higher levels faster as much as anything for the recognition. That will draw the attention of clients looking for those who can write quality work.

    What I have noticed is that there are very few orders for the “skilled” and “expert” level writers, and a plethora of qualified writers in those echelons. So finding projects in that area are difficult at best, which at this juncture would be my only slightly negative issue with the site.

    $150 a week writing on hirewriters.com? Well, if I am any example in 5 days without a real tough effort I am at $30. So I’d say this is doable. For now “kudos” to hirewriters and Andrew for his well written review.

  6. I love writing for Hire Writers for Several Reasons:

    1) Unlike other sites you can snap up more than one job at a time when you see a good fit for your writing skills.
    2) You get rated by the clients, not by a junior editor in training. Hire Writers treats writers like professionals who earn their place to “expert” by delivering excellent client service.
    3) You can pick the jobs you want. If you think the job is underpriced, don’t do it. It might be to your advantage to take it though, as it might be an easy research job despite the high word count.
    4) I am a published writer and retired English teacher. I did content writing for sites like Pagewise “Write for Cash” back in the day when content writing was young, and Hire Writers is much like that company in that they just pay you weekly….no invoices to submit. HW does not ask you to compete with other writers to submit a blog in hopes it will be chosen. The job is yours once you accept it. If you do a good job the client will pay you, sometimes with a small bonus!
    I was doing more jobs for a competitor but decided to stick with Hire Writers as long as they have work for me. The clients are so nice and say thank you in addition to giving you 5 stars for a good job. You can’t beat that.

    1. Hey Leila,

      Registering an account with hire writers is free and simple, however the website will not allow everyone to register an account as a writer. On their FAQ page, they say that they are only accepting writers from USA, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom, Singapore and New Zealand. If you live in a different country other than these 6 countries, the website will not allow you to register an account as a writer. However you can register an account as client from any country.

      Please let me know if there is anything i can assist you with.

  7. Hey, I have been a writer with Hire Writers for more than two years and just recently had my account frozen. They never told me the reason and every time I try to send a ticket, I am told that my account is Frozen so I can’t really contact them. I cannot trash Hire Writers, its a good site, I had over $200 in my account and that bothers me. Anyone with a suggestion on what I should do?

  8. Stan Boldyryev

    Hey Ann, I seen your comment and you said there are better sites out there to work for…may you be so kind and share with me those sites? I’m looking to find a good company to write for without getting ripped off.

    Thank you for your time.

    Stan Boldyryev

    1. Hello Stan,

      I’m not sure if Ann will see your comment, but here are some trusted sites that you should definitely check if you are serious about writing:
      – Freelancer.com
      – Upwork.com
      – Linkedin.com/profinder
      – Contentmart.com
      – Constant-content.com
      – Hubpages.com
      – Craigslist.org

      Good luck

  9. If Hirewriters accepts writers from Singapore, they should accept those from The Philippines too. There is plenty of Filipinos who can write better than native English speakers.

  10. Somebody help me open a hirewriters account. I am an elite writer on iwriter and I’m kind of fed up with writing on the platform. Need to try out hirewriters. If you can help me, kindly drop me an email ([email protected]) and I’ll provide you with the details that will facilitate the account opening.


  11. At first, it seems like a pretty good platform, but be warned if you’re not a US resident don’t bother registering in the website.
    I’m not a US resident, yet they let me register and operate an account. I made about $18 after 6 jobs, with an average rating of 4.5 star. However, on my first Friday (which is their payday) my account was frozen.
    I sent an email to hirewriters.com support, their reply read “You are based in a non-English speaking country, which is not allowed, and your writing is terrible. Sorry your account is closed.”
    Insulting my 4.5/5 customer rating.
    So if you still feel you’ll like to tryout the website do so at your own risk.

  12. Basically this is discrimatory. Why would they not allow writers fro other countries. I need an account with hirewriters……anyone in the mentioned countries who can help me create an account?

  13. “Hire writers .com is a terrible service …”

    Avoid this company , Brandon the owner does not return any balance outstanding in your account he keeps it !!!! Be warned !!! . The writing I have had from 3 writers has been terrible, I have had to send multiple reminders and content samples of what I’m looking for . in the end I have re written the articles myself and wasted hours trying to get people to do it for me ..what a terrible service avoid if you value your time and money!!!

  14. Hirewriters is a scam. I have had an account with Hirewriters for close to two and half years with at least 8 consistent return clients, two of whom were students. This account had a rating of 4.81 with excellent customer feedback. My average weekly earnings were above $180. Unfortunately, I lost my account some minutes to pay time. I contacted the company’s support team but they were never helpful. I have moved on and would never recommend the company to anyone seeking long-term engagement with their clients. If you were one of my clients, feel free to contact me on mail ???? through [email protected] . My hirewriters’ username is fedavid. Cheers!!

  15. I got locked out of the account for no reason, didn’t get paid and the support were rude and very disrespectful, who didn’t want to return my money.
    I’ve read many reviews and should’ve known better when most of them said to not register there.
    Waste of time and money.

  16. george christoforou

    Hirewriters is a SCAM. Check the articles you get from hirewriters. They are nearly all AI content. Check with the many AI content checkers available.
    You have to approve an article to get access to the article to check. There are no refunds.

  17. Hirewriters now is very different than what I knew in 2020. Now they suck as they don’t pay the writers on time and there’s virtually nothing left for writers to access unless it’s done by invite only. I’m not sure what’s going on with Hirewriters these days but the customer service has tanked as they never respond to inquiries anymore. Instead of paying every weekend like the site suggests, sometimes it takes up to three weeks to receive money from them.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to share your experience Natalia! Writers are the lifeblood of HireWriters’ business. With no writers, no one will use their platform! I hope that they will improve the user experience and customer service for the writers’ side.

      Thank you again for sharing your HireWriters review.

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