Vick Strizheus (High Traffic Academy) Honest Review + 75% Discount + Free Bonuses!

If you were searching online for ways to get traffic to your website quickly, you may have come across the High Traffic Academy course by Vick Strizheus. I have invested in that course and i’d like to share my experience with you. In my high traffic academy review, i will show you exactly what you will get, what you will learn and whether or not you should invest in that course!.

What is High Traffic Academy?

High traffic Academy is an online course (membership site) that teaches people how to drive loads of highly targeted visitors to any website or product in a short period of time. The Creator of that course is Vick Strizheus, also known a the “traffic king”, this guy is very clever when it comes to generating online traffic, he spent 9 years to test and master online traffic generation. He knows how to get Buyers traffic not just any kind of traffic. I know it because Vick is my mentor when it comes to traffic & conversions. There are many ways to drive traffic online and you will find plenty of sources to get free traffic but the Key here is how to find high targeted traffic of people who are really interested to buy what you are selling or offering.

Buyers traffic are the most valuable kind of traffic you need for your business, if you are an internet marketer or if you’ve sold anything online before, you probably know what i mean.

Update: HTA 2.0 is now available, make sure you also read my HTA 2.0 review here

High Traffic Academy has nothing to do with SEO, Rankings or Organic traffic from Google! HTA doesn’t teach you how to rank your website or how to get free traffic from search engines, Instead HTA shows you where and how to buy good traffic for a low price, and how to scale up your business so you don’t have to rely on Google, or wait too long to get some traffic. Infact the main idea behind HTA is to teach you how to get thousand of highly targeted traffic to any website you want FAST!

The Secret of Making Money Online with Paid Traffic

We all know traffic is the live blood for any web business and if you know how to get any amount of good traffic to your sales page or to your optin form, you will be able to crush it and make money online fast. Paid Traffic can bring you loads of good traffic Only if you know what you are doing.

The secret of mastering online traffic generation and making money online all come to one thing, which is being able to run successful traffic campaigns. Many people fail when they try paid online traffic because they don’t know how to run successful campaigns or how to target the right audience so they end up wasting alot of money and stop doing it.

When i first got started with paid traffic, I wasted alot of money and yes i know it’s so discouraging as no one wants to throw money away without making any money in return. That is just one strong reason you should learn from an experienced mentor who can teach you how to set up successful traffic campaigns and how to get buyers traffic. That’s why i’ve chosen Vick as my mentor for traffic, i came across his free traffic training videos, and i saw how much value he was giving away for free, and i was hooked to learn more so i bought his high traffic academy course.

I will tell you exactly what i liked about high traffic academy and things that i didn’t like, but first let me show you what you will get inside that course.

In High Traffic Academy Vick covers 3 important pillars: Website Development, Traffic Generation and List control 

1) High Traffic Academy: Development Stage

Development is the first stage in high traffic academy course, on this stage Vick teaches some fundamentals you need to know to get your website and landing page ready before you start getting traffic. Obviously, you will need a website or landing page to send the traffic to, and this stage talks about all the main things you need to know starting from scratch: developing your ideas, getting a domain, hosting, building your landing page from scratch, linking that to an auto responder and everything in between!

This Stage is very helpful specially for newbies or people who have never built any website or landing page before. Also, the great thing is Vick gives you free access to “Easy Landing Page Pro“, which is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to create an unlimited number of landing pages for any product/offer. No HTML, design or coding skills required.

2) High Traffic Academy: Traffic Stage

The main core of HTA course is inside this stage, this is where you learn many different ways to get large amount of highly targeted traffic on demand. Vick shows you how to get that kind of targeted traffic fast and for a very low price. The Traffic Stage consists of 8 traffic Modules:

Offline Goldmine Traffic - high traffic academy

Offline Goldmine Traffic

In this module, Vick teaches how you can get infront of millions of people per week with one simple phone call. This is an offline hidden traffic method.

The Penny Traffic high traffic academy

The Penny Traffic

How to get highly targeted visitors to your website for pennies, this is one of the cheapest ways to get good traffic and Vick shows you how to this effectively.

The Underground PPC Traffic

Another good cheap source of traffic using PPC, you may already have used any PPC network before to get traffic, but as i said before if you don’t know what you are doing, you’ve probably burned alot of money with low or no results. In this module Vick goes through some of the top PPC networks ans how you how to do PPC right. (Google adwords is not included)

Secret GIA TrafficSecret GIA Traffic

If you love Google, then this is for you. GIA stands for Google image ads, in this method Vick teaches you one cool secret inorder to make Google to be our affiliate and pay them pennies for traffic. Cool module.

E-mail Media Traffic - high traffic academyE-mail Media Traffic

This is one of the easiest methods to drive highly targeted traffic to your website, Vick shows you how to leverage other people’s lists to get instant traffic anytime you want. You may know already about solo ads and email marketing but in this method Vick takes it even further and show you how to mine for gold lists and do it effectively to get better results for your money.

Banner media traffic - high traffic academyBanner Media Traffic

Another easy and fast way to get instant traffic without too much work, Banner ads are effective way to promote your website or business but you need to know how to do banner ads right, otherwise you will through alot of money. In this module Vick covers the method from offer selection, banner creation, banner distribution and how to find the right places to place your banners for low price.

Ad Swap Traffic - high traffic academyAd Swap Traffic

All about How to do ad swaps effectively to get good fast traffic for a very low price. Vick shows the whole process, getting started, creating your account, finding swap partners and booking solos the easy way.

CPA Backdoor Traffic - high traffic academyCPA Backdoor Traffic

In this module Vick shows you how you can master CPA networks and build your list very fast, he  shows you some advanced secrets to help you tap into CPA network to command not only traffic but leads and sales. Many people are making alot of money online with CPA networks. No matter if you are an affiliate or vendor, if you learn how to do CPA effectively you will be able to scale up your business for massive profits.

3) High Traffic Academy: List Control & Cultivation Stage

This stage is very important, this is where all the money is being made. Now, you have a landing page and you know how to get traffic, you will send traffic and start building your list then what? This is what the list control is all about, Vick will show you how to take your new subscribers and turn them into repeated customers and loyal friends. You will learn how to build a long term sustainable business. Most internet marketers don’t have any idea about list control, they think that getting good traffic is everything however traffic is only part of the equation for making good sustainable money online.

I have learned alot from the list control stage myself, and i can say that if you apply what you will learn in this stage, you will be able to increase your email open rates and double or triple your conversion rates.

The List control stage consists of 8 modules, in which Vick goes in detail about how to treat your subscribers and what you should do inorder to cultivate the best results.

FREE Bonuses: When You Buy High Traffic Academy

For people who will Purchase HTA through my link, i will provide you with:

1) Secret CPVR Traffic:

The Secret CPVR traffic method was actually a module inside HTA 1.0. In this module, Vick shows you how you can tap into your competition’s targeted traffic and follow them across the web. It’s a legit secret way that will increase your ROI. Here is exactly what you will learn inside:

  • A secret technique to find and follow your best leads around the internet
  • How to build a list off your competition’s traffic very quickly
  • How to cut your traffic cost by 70% and increase ROI
  • How to get traffic for as low as $0.05 per highly targeted visitor and more.

This valuable training is not available to public, and i will give you Free Access to it as a Bonus to You, when you buy HTA through me. Yes, it’s 100% legit and awesome. 🙂

2) My Personal Support: I have been a founding member with HTA, and i will be glad to help answer any of your questions. Note that: HTA includes many traffic methods, basically i haven’t tested All of them yet, however i will share my experience with you for the ones that i have been testing.

3) FREE Copy of My Book “Traffic Secret Formula”:

I will give you free access to my Book “Traffic Secret Formula” that shows you 50 ways to drive targeted traffic to our website, this guide includes Free Traffic methods, Paid traffic sources aswell as my tools for automating traffic.

4) More FREE Training: As an HTA founding member & certified partner myself, i have access to more exclusive live events & training materials that i’ll be willing to share with you.

HTA Tools And Softwares

Inside high traffic academy, you will also get some cool free bonuses besides “Easy Landing Page Pro” that i’ve mentioned above, you will get “Easy URL Scraper” to be help you scrap urls to be used in your traffic campaigns and “Tracker 123″ to track all your links, clicks and conversions.

hta tools and softwares
HTA Webinars

You will get access to 10 recorded webinars in which Vick goes through many Q&A about thing related to low cost traffic strategies, easy landing page pro 2 release and six figure blue print.

HTA Pros

As claimed, you will learn some advanced traffic strategies that can get you thousands of visitors to your website in a very short time. The Value and training inside high traffic academy is top notch. Not only for traffic but for conversions aswell. I’ve learned alot inside HTA and i think anyone will get huge value from it. Also, I have never seen anyone teaching what Vick teaches inside HTA.

HTA Cons

  • HTA covers only the paid traffic sources, it would be great it also has some free traffic methods.
  • Although the 8 modules included in HTA are great, but in my opinion more modules should be included like facebook, Social media, mobile traffic ..etc. However Vick is coming with the new HTA 2 soon which in my opinion will be a great update to the whole course.

High Traffic Academy 75% OFF Discount & Conclusion:

Vick is a master when it comes to traffic generation, and HTA 2.0 is his latest and by far the best traffic course. So How much it is? …. And how to get Access to HTA?

Click Here to Get FREE HTA Training + HTA Discount

By signing up using the above link, you will be able to get FREE advanced Traffic & Conversion Training + HTA Access at a very special Discount of 75% OFF.

If you have any questions, please let me know in your comments below.

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9 Comments on “Vick Strizheus (High Traffic Academy) Honest Review + 75% Discount + Free Bonuses!”

  1. hi Andrew this is great review post thank you…..i have some questions to ask you like did you personally take the HTA course for yourself?
    thank you

    1. Hi Asma, Thank you for your comment.

      Yes, i already have access to the new HTA 2.0 which i have reviewed here:

      I have been a member with HTA for a long time, that’s why when HTA 2.0 released i had a free upgrade to the new members area & training as a beta tester.

      Soon it should be available to everyone. If you are on my list you will get notified with the early bird access. 🙂

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    1. Hello Asma,

      That’s a good question, HTA teaches many ways for generating traffic. You only need to test & master one traffic method at a time before you move to the next one. (it will take you some time to do so, specially if you are on low budget)

      After you master one traffic method, you can easily scale up to order more traffic or even try a new traffic method.

      So to answer your question, yes i have tried few of these methods for generating traffic. But when i first started i didn’t have much money to put into traffic campaigns so i started on a small scale, which what i recommend you do aswell.

      It all boils down to these 3 Pillars:
      1) How to setup a successful traffic campaign without investing too much money
      2) How to build a high converting & unique capture pages
      3) How to convert traffic into leads & Sales

      That’s what HTA 2.0 is all about, and that’s what you need to learn inorder to promote anything online.

      I haven’t tested or Promoted MTTB myself, but as i said with those 3 pillars you can promote or sell anything online; business opportunities, Clickbank products or even T-shirts

  3. Andrew,

    Thanks for this review! I’m currently looking into purchasing this product, and this review was helpful…

    Can you give me a little insight as to how much you are willing to help the subscribers that sign up with you…

    I’m looking for a good mentor to help me apply these methods, and from what I can tell Vick isn’t the best at responding to people… However, to his defense, I can imagine he is just bombarded with people asking him questions…

    So I’m looking for a good mentor, that will actually take the time to mentor me, and get me up and running…

    Can you elaborate on this for me?

    Thanks in advance,

    Tony Websmith

    1. Hello Tony,

      Thank your for your comment and feedback. Good question 🙂
      I actually have a list dedicated to HTA subscribers and followers.
      If you are on my HTA notification list, you probably already know that i respond to my subscribers’ emails personally.

      For those who will buy HTA & signup with me, I’ll provide them with even more Free training, Bonuses + my personal Support
      incase they need any help. (I just updated the post with all the Bonuses you will get with me, please refer to the Bonus section for details)

      – I must clarify that as an HTA Elite member, you will be able to get intouch with Vick and ask him any question personally.
      In addition to the live support team who will address any issues you may have.

      Also If you buy HTA with my link, i will be glad to share with you how i get traffic to my sites & what has been working for me personally.

      I hope that answers your questions.


    2. Hi Tony,

      I attended Vick’s webinar today and it was impressive but I want to cut through the fluff and know what your experience has been if you have joined the program.


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