High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review + 75% Discount + Bonuses!

High traffic academy 2.0

Vick Strizheus High Traffic Academy 2.0 is Live, and it will take online Traffic & Conversion to a whole new level! yeah finally after the long wait for this update. On this review, i will show you exactly what you will get inside this huge release of HTA 2.0 and what are all the updates & improvements compared to the previous HTA 1.0. I also provide a Free Bonus: Traffic Training Videos at the end of this review, so make sure you watch them.

HTA 2.0 is a full upgrade to all the training, traffic modules, members area and resources. Signup Here To Be Qualified for HTA 75% OFF Discount.

Since the time i have written my HTA review, many people have contacted me personally asking on how to get access to HTA?!. The doors for HTA has remained closed to new members for months, one main reason for that was what have been going behind the scenes to build HTA 2.0 from scratch. Additionally, Vick always like to keep his training exclusive & time limited which is good for Fast action takers like myself, but not good for latecomers.

Luckily HTA 2.0 is now live and it will be available to the public soon.  If you are interested to get access to High Traffic Academy, simply subscribe Here, and you will get automatically notified once it’s Opened.

What is High Traffic Academy 2.0 All About ?

High Traffic Academy 2.0 is the latest online traffic & conversion mastery course by Vick Strizheus,also named as the (online traffic king). Vick was also the creator of Internet Traffic Formula (Power Traffic X) which was one of the best selling products of empower network (no longer for sale). HTA 2.0 includes the same modules of Internet Traffic formula + more advanced training, resources and Elite coaching. So HTA 2.0 is yet Vick’s most powerful and complete Traffic & conversion mastery course.

HTA 2.0 has been built from scratch like a brand new course, all the modules, training and resources in the old HTA 1.0 have been updated, all with even a new membership design.

HTA 2.0 covers 4 Core Training Parts:

1. Capture Mastery (11 Videos)

These are the skills and strategies you need to learn before even thinking about getting traffic. In Capture mastery you will learn:

  • How to build the most effective capture pages and make them unique.
  • How to make your landing pages convert (with many examples and case studies provided)
  • How to setup your autoresponder and link it to your capture pages.
  • The top converting landing page creators with Vick’s recommended tips.
  • Free Access to a landing page creator called” Easy landing pro”
  • How to track and optimize your campaigns like a pro.

Capture mastery is even more important than the traffic itself, because without building an effective capture machine, you can lose many subscribers and buyers.

2. Traffic Mastery (12 Modules)

These are meat and potatoes of HTA 2.0, learn how to get traffic on demand like a pro

3. Conversion Mastery

The Strategies and ideas you need to learn inorder to turn traffic into leads and sales like magic. Most people know how to get traffic to their sites, but only few who knows how to convert them to sales and that is what the conversion mastery is all about.

4. Advanced Training

Learn how to dig deeper and take things even further with more advanced training for Youtube, SEO, Clickbank, CPA & more.

HTA Elite Mastermind

HTA Elite is an exclusive section inside HTA 2.0 which is like a separate membership area. The Elite membership is $297/month which is an obviously not for everyone, it’s the home for the  1% online earners who want to become experts in traffic & conversions.

What’s Special About HTA Elite?

As you know traffic is the life blood of any online/offline business, the more targeted traffic you bring to your website, the more money you can make. But things are changing constantly, there are always new traffic sources, strategies that very few people know about.

This is what HTA Elite is all about, it is just an optional membership where you will have the opportunity to look over Vick’s shoulder every month as he tests new ideas, new traffic campaigns, sources and strategies and how much revenue they bring in.

What’s Inside HTA Elite?

Here’s exactly what’s included:

  • Elite Monthly: Training episodes by Vick that are updated monthly.
  • Ask Vick anything: Ofcourse there is a support team that you can contact as a member of HTA, but as an HTA elite you will have direct access to Vick and ask any questions you want.
  • Traffic Lab: Vick usually spend thousands of dollars to test his traffic campaigns, traffic lab includes the case studies of hundreds of thousands of dollars spent on test and research.
  • Live Trainings: All the recorded events and live trainings will be posted here.
  • The Vault: Vick’s personal top secret tools & resources he uses to gain an unfair advantage over 99 % of other marketers to crush any promotion.
  • Regenerative Traffic Machine: the platform Vick used to built a list of nearly 500,000 subscribers without spending any money on marketing.
  • Easy Landing Pro v3: this is version 3.0 of the easy landing page platform. It’s an easy tool to create landing pages, you only need to enter simple info. of your hosting servers & FTP, then ELLP will install a customized landing page for you on your servers.
  • Direct access to the Data Center and Mailing System: How to eliminate the middle man and go directly to the source and tap into the world’s biggest data center for prospects and buyers lists.
  • Discounts on Ticket to HTA Summit: this is event where most epic marketers get together to share their traffic & conversions knowledge.
  • Elite Support & Community: 24/7 access to HTA Elite live support & community of other marketers who shares their experiences.

FREE Bonuses: When You Buy High Traffic Academy

For people who will Purchase HTA through my link, i will provide you with:

1) Secret CPVR Traffic:

The Secret CPVR traffic method was actually a module inside HTA 1.0. In this module, Vick shows you how you can tap into your competition’s targeted traffic and follow them across the web. It’s a legit secret way that will increase your ROI. Here is exactly what you will learn inside:

  • A secret technique to find and follow your best leads around the internet
  • How to build a list off your competition’s traffic very quickly
  • How to cut your traffic cost by 70% and increase ROI
  • How to get traffic for as low as $0.05 per highly targeted visitor and more.

This valuable training is not available to public, and i will give you Free Access to it as a Bonus to You, when you buy HTA through me. Yes, it’s 100% legit and awesome. 🙂

2) My Personal Support: I have been a founding member with HTA, and i will be glad to help answer any of your questions. Note that: HTA includes many traffic methods, basically i haven’t tested All of them yet, however i will share my experience with you for the ones that i have been testing.

3) FREE Copy of My Book “Traffic Secret Formula”: http://TrafficSecretFormula.com

I will give you free access to my Book “Traffic Secret Formula” that shows you 50 ways to drive targeted traffic to our website, this guide includes Free Traffic methods, Paid traffic sources aswell as my tools for automating traffic.

4) More FREE Training: As an HTA founding member & certified partner myself, i have access to more exclusive live events & training materials that i’ll be willing to share with you.

HTA 75% Discount & Conclusion:

Vick is a master when it comes to traffic generation, and HTA 2.0 is his latest and by far the best traffic course. So How much it is? …. And how to get Access to HTA?

Click Here to Get FREE HTA Training + HTA Discount

By signing up using the above link, you will be able to get FREE advanced Traffic & Conversion Training + HTA Access at a very special Discount of 75% OFF.

If you have any questions, please let me know in your comments below.

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7 Comments on “High Traffic Academy 2.0 Review + 75% Discount + Bonuses!”

    1. Hi khue, Thank you for your comment.

      HTA 2.0 is currently in beta version, it is not available for sale yet.

      But as an HTA founding member myself, i can see what Vick is doing behind the scenes so I can assure you that it will only take about a couple of weeks for HTA 2.0 Big launch.

      Make sure you join my HTA notification list, as i will be sending a special discount join link for my subscribers. (Usually these kinds of discounts will not be available for long time, so make sure you remain on the list to get notified of HTA early bird access 🙂 )

    1. Hi Qaseem, Thank you for your comment.

      There is no sales page for HTA 2.0 yet, because it is still in beta release.

      Currently Vick is preparing for a huge launch. According to Vick (in about a couple of weeks) the doors will be opened to buy HTA 2.0.

      There will be a limited time special discount too, so make sure you get on this notification list to receive all the important updates.

      Wish you all the best,

  1. Hello,
    how can I find your link to join HTA2 via you and how can I check, if it is the right one, because I only find the link for the video series (which I used, but there are only the two videos up to now and the discount ends in about 12 hours), but there is no link to join HTA2 directly.

    Thanks for your help,
    best regards,

    1. Hello Markus,

      Thanks for your interest to join HTA through me.
      I updated the links, Please try this link: http://www.arezk.com/HTA
      It should send your directly to sign up for HTA.

      Vick didn’t make linking to HTA join page available earlier, but now it is possible via the link above.
      Let me know if you have any problems.

      Wish you the best,

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