Free Traffic Boom Review – Here’s What You Get!

What is Free Traffic Boom ?

 Free Traffic Boom is a Video series that teach some ways on how to drive free traffic to your website/blog and how to create virtual instant commissions.

Free Traffic Boom teach some different traffic strategies like: social media marketing,  yahoo answers, fiverr, squidoo and hub pages, article marketing, video marketing, SEO traffic & much more.

The course go through each traffic getting strategy and show you how you can use and how to link between them to drive traffic to your website or offer. which is good for newbies and those who want to learn free traffic methods.

Inside Free Traffic Boom Download Page:

Free Traffic Boom Members Download Area

Here is exactly what you get inside “Free Traffic Boom” course:

There is no online videos or membership area, After you buy Free Traffic Boom course, you’ll find that the download page has two main folders ready for you to download into your computer, as shown in the screenshot below: Free Traffic Boom and Instant Income Boom.

free traffic boom and instant income boom

Free Traffic Boom:

Free traffic Boom is the first folder, you’ll get after you extract the two .zip folders you just downloaded, It consists of 12 videos that show you how to get free traffic using: Social media marketing, Yahoo answers, fiverr, Squidoo and hub pages, article marketing & submission, video marketing, SEO, Rss feeds.

It also show you how to build your blog (domain, hosting), how to find good affiliate products to promote, where to get free cool pictures, how to automate automate some of these traffic methods and scale your business.

Instant Income Boom:

Instant Income Boom is the second folder which consists of 7 videos that walk you through how to get instant free traffic and commissions.

In this training videos, you don’t need to create your own website. It shows you a way to get fast commissions by creating good rich content documents and slides and show you where you can upload them online.

Mainly it shows you how to do a keyword research and optimize these piece of content inorder to make it easier for search engines to index your content faster, and get fast traffic and sales. Once you learn this skill, you can rinse and repeat the process inorder to multiply your income.

My Conclusion:

Free traffic Boom has some good tips and strategies for getting free traffic and fast commissions, however in my opinion these training is only good for newbies or beginners. Most people who have been online for a while are already familiar with the traffic getting strategies inside this course.

Free traffic Boom is a fast short video training for newbies who wants to learn some quick easy ways to get some free traffic and commissions, this is good for those who don’t want to put too much time or money building their blogs. So my final word: if you’re just starting online & looking for some free traffic methods, then Free Traffic Boom may work for you, but if you’re looking for much more valuable course with some advanced traffic strategies that enables you to build a real successful business online, then i recommend you check High Traffic Academy

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